August 29, 2022

What is a metal laser cutting machine?Metal Laser Cutting Machine is a CNC laser cutting machine for sheet metal, metal plate, metal profile, metal pipe and metal tube, it is the best metal cutting solution for metal manufacturers. Metal laser cutting machine can be used for 2D/3D metals in stainles

September 24, 2022

In the process of metal pipe processing, the amount of tailings has always been a headache for most friends who are engaged in metal pipe processing, because more tailings means less profit. At the same time, if there are various pipe processing requirements such as round pipes, square pipes, specia

September 10, 2022

The numerical control system controls the process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, air pressure, etc.) and motion trajectory of the laser cutting machine, and blows away the slag at the cutting joint through a certain auxiliary air pressure.

September 06, 2022

With the continuous development and maturity of laser technology, laser equipment has been widely used in various fields, such as laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser drill bit and laser cutting machine, especially NC laser cutting machine and equipment. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and is widely used in plate, hardware products, steel structure and other industries.

September 02, 2022

The mechanical part of the laser cutting machine has no contact with the workpiece and will not scratch the workpiece surface during operation. The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and generally no further processing is required.

June 19, 2022

As an important technology in the field of laser processing, laser cutting technology is a very good way to intuitively assess the performance of laser cutting equipment by assessing the quality of cutting laser cutting machines. There is no uniform standard, but in terms of the popularity of laser cutting machines, it is still good.

June 07, 2022

Judging the quality of laser cutting machine cutting is a very good way to intuitively judge the performance of laser cutting equipment. However, as far as the quality evaluation of laser cutting is concerned, there is currently no unified standard in the world, but from the popularity of laser cutting machines In terms of usability, it's still good.

June 11, 2022

According to the relative position of the beam and the workpiece, the laser cutting machine finally makes the material form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

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