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FLS Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Top rated fiber laser cutting machine on sale at affordable price for sheet metal fabrication with different laser powers (1000W-20000W).

Balance for Extraordinary Performance and Cost

FLS Series, our very first product with keeping improvements, simple, reliable, fits all regular metal sheet laser cutting works. Various format sizes are available for your space requirements.

Pursuit for Reliable and Cost Effective at Once

Mechanic structure is basic for a reliable system. We focus on manufacturing processes to make sure all the mechanical parts meet our customer's requirements.
Optimized Base Structure
Process for Endurance
Delicate Assemble Procedures
Downdraft Table Design
High Qualtiy Ensurance ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Multi-function and User-Friendly Design 

With our cutting system, Operation Oriented Design for enhancing overall production ability and Safety Oriented Design for building better work environment. 
    Design for Optimized
  • 05
    Compact Design
  • 14
    Easy Loading and Unloading
  • 15
    Superior Cable Carrier
  • 07
    Optional Safety Light Curtain

Professional Partners for Laser Cutting System

We elaborately choose every components, Working closely with our partners, Ensure our machine and system works in best condition.

As Our Belief, Details Make Differences

We believe, every details counts for overall machine quality. Delivery, Installation, Operation, Function, Service, We try our best in every aspect for better user experience.

External Routing for Fiber Optic

Routing and Installing Fiber Optic Cable is always difficult process for users. We adopted external installation design for Fiber Optic Cable, which minimize the installation time and risk for cable damage.

Electrical Design by International Standards

We follow International Standard for Electrical Wiring Design, make sure follow up maintenance and service would be much more easier.

Compact and Intergrated Cabinet Design

All in One Operation Station

We integrated all major components into one cabinet. System Controller, Eletrical, Operation Panel, even with Laser Power Generators. Save your workshop space for running the machine and ensure the durability of these parts.


Make Installation the Best Experience Ever 

Our Design Principle, Easy, Quick, Reliable Installation. We keep improving for this from day one, and make sure you will get machine ready for your production right away when you get it.
Plug & Play 
Most Electrical Wiring works are eliminated by Intergrated Connection Design. Just Plug - n - Play.
Connect & Ready to Start
Connect Gas Supply to Prepared Gas Connectors, and  All Gas System is Ready.
Adjustable Footing Design
Our Footing Adjustment Design is Optimized for 1 Person Adjustment Work.

Neat and Handy Functions 

We always try to innovate and integrate more into our machine, some minor functions but handy and neat for your overall operation performance and production efficiency.

Nozzle Auto Cleaning                                

Production could be more stable and Quality could be ensured by using Nozzle with well cleaned surface.

Anti-Collision Protection

By the detective sensor, it will protect cutting head from collision when the metal surface is not flat and save the extra costs in production.


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As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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