Laser cutting machine components and daily maintenance

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Laser cutting machine components and daily maintenance

As an advanced manufacturing technology, the laser cutting machine offers the advantages of a wide range of applications, flexible process, high machining precision, good quality, clean production process and easy-to-realize automation, flexibility, intelligence and improvement of product quality and labor productivity.

  • Main components of the laser cutting machine

  • Laser cutting machine daily maintenance

Main components of the laser cutting machine

1.Laser Source:The laser source generates the high-intensity laser beam used for cutting. Fiber laser sources are commonly used in modern laser cutting machines due to their high efficiency and precise beam quality.

2. Cutting head: It mainly includes parts such as a cavity, focusing lens holder, focusing mirror, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle. The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head to move along the Z axis according to the program and consists of a servo motor and transmission parts, such as a screw rod or gear.

3. Operating table: Used to control the working process of the whole cutting machine.

4. Cooler: used to cool the laser generator. The cooling water dissipates the excess heat so that the laser generator works properly. The cooler of the laser cutting machine also cools the reflector of the external beam path and the focusing mirror of the machine tool to ensure stable beam transmission quality and effectively prevent the lens from deforming or bursting due to too high temperature.

Laser cutting machine daily maintenance

1. Clean the guide rail of the laser cutting machine

The guide rail and linear shaft are one of the core components of the equipment, and their function is to guide and support. To ensure the high machining accuracy of the machine, its guide rails and straight lines must have high guiding accuracy and good movement stability. During the operation of the equipment, a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke is generated during the machining of the workpiece, and this smoke and dust will settle on the surface of the guide rail and linear axis for a long time, which has a great influence on the processing accuracy of the equipment and will form corrosion spots on the surface of the linear shaft of the guide rail, which shortens the service life of the equipment. Therefore, clean the guide rails of the machine every two weeks. Turn off the machine before cleaning.

2. Fixing screws and couplings of the laser cutting machine

After the movement system has worked for a while, the screws and couplings on the movement joints loosen, which affects the stability of the mechanical movement. Observe if there are any unusual noises or unusual phenomena in the transmission parts, and find the problem firmly and fix it in time. At the same time, the machine should tighten the screws successively with a tool over a certain period of time. The first tightening should be done about a month after use of the device.

3.Clean and Replace Lenses

The lenses in the laser cutting system can accumulate residue, smoke, and particles from the cutting process. This buildup can significantly impact the quality of the laser beam and the accuracy of the cuts. Daily cleaning of lenses using specialized lens cleaning solutions and lint-free wipes helps to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, depending on usage, lenses might need to be replaced periodically to ensure consistent cutting quality.

In addition to these daily tasks, it's also important to follow any manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules and guidelines.  Regular maintenance not only ensures the machine's performance but also contributes to the safety of operators and the longevity of the equipment.

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