About Laser Cutting Machines: Parts, Functions, and Precautions

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About Laser Cutting Machines: Parts, Functions, and Precautions

Laser cutting machines play a significant role in the metal processing industry of industrial manufacturing systems, and many metal materials, regardless of their hardness, can be cut without deformation.

What are the parts of the laser cutting machine?

What is the function of laser cutting machine?

What are the precautions when using laser cutting machine?

What are the parts of the laser cutting machine?

1. Laser Source: The heart of the laser cutting machine. It generates a high-intensity laser beam to amplify the light. High efficiency, reliability, and maintenance-free operation.

2. Systems

1) Motion System: Conclude motors, drive systems, and linear guides that enable precise movement of the cutting head and workpiece along the designated cutting path.

3) Exhaust System: Remove fumes, smoke, and particulate matter generated during the cutting process.

3. Worktable: Provide a stable and flat surface for the material being cut. Assist in the accurate positioning of the workpiece and supports it during the cutting process.

4. CNC Controller: Interpret instructions from computer-aided design (CAD) software and control the machine's movements and operations.

5. Cutting Head: Contain the focusing lens and nozzle, focusing the laser beam onto the material surface for cutting. The nozzle also delivers the assist gas, blowing away molten material and ensuring a clean cutting edge.

6. Chiller: Some fiber laser cutting machines may have a chiller system to cool the fiber laser source, ensuring stable operation and extending the laser's lifespan.

What is the function of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machines have many functions and are currently widely used in various fields, such as: furniture, home furnishing, textiles and clothing, medical equipment, aerospace manufacturing, automobiles and ships, sheet metal processing, hardware products, electronic appliances, advertising industries, etc.

What are the precautions when using laser cutting machine?

1. When the laser cutting speed is too fast, it will cause the following undesirable results:

①French cutting, sparks spray indiscriminately;

② Causes the cutting surface to show diagonal stripes, and the lower half is molten;

③ The entire section is relatively thick, but no melting stains are produced;

2. On the contrary, when the laser cutting speed is too slow, it will cause:

① Causes over-melting, and the cutting surface is rough.

②The slit becomes wider and the whole is melted at the sharp corners.

③ affect the cutting efficiency.

Therefore, in order to make the laser cutting machine equipment better perform its cutting function, it is possible to judge whether the feed speed is appropriate from the cutting sparks of the laser equipment:

1. If the spark spreads from top to bottom, it means that the cutting speed is appropriate;

2. If the spark is inclined backward, it means that the feed speed is too fast;

3. If the sparks are non-diffused and few, but condensed together, it means that the speed is too slow.

Laser cutting machine is widely used in the producing industry. After reading the above information, are you interested in it? If you also want to order a fully laser cutting machine, please contact Wuhan EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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