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You can get benefits of excellent laser beam quality, high efficiency, high speed, easy operations, low cost, low maintenance, stable running, super flexible optical effects for metal laser cutting machines. Metal laser cutters are easy to flexible industrial manufacturing requirements.

01 High precision and best stability: 

The use of high precision ball screw transmission mechanism, optimized CNC system control, which can meet the processing of precision parts, and the dynamic performance is stable, and it can work for a long time.

02 The cutting section is of high quality: 

The mechanical follow-up cutting head system is adopted, the cutting head follows the height of the plate, and the position of the cutting point is always maintained, so that the cutting seam is smooth.

03 High performance: 

For thin sheet metal cutting, it can replace CO2 laser cutter, CNC punching machine and shearing machine, the cost of the whole laser metal cutting machine is equivalent to 1/4 of CO2 laser cutter and 1/2 of CNC punching machine.


Low cost of use and high cutting speed
What is a laser cutting machine?
Advantages Of Laser Metal Cutting Machine
The energy of the laser is concentrated into a high-density beam in the form of light. The laser beam is transmitted to the work surface, generating enough heat to melt the material, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam directly removes the fused metal to achieve the purpose of metal cutting. This shows that laser metal cutting is essentially different from CNC machining.
Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutter Compared With CO2 Laser Cutter
Economy is more affordable
Materials compatible with EETO laser cutting machines
Laser cutting machines are identified into laser metal cutting machines (metal laser cutters), laser wood cutting machines (wood laser cutters, laser MDF cutters, laser plywood cutters), laser fabric cutting machines (laser fabric cutters), laser leather cutting machines (laser leather cutters), laser paper cutting machines (laser paper cutters), laser acrylic cutting machines (laser acrylic cutters), laser plastic cutting machines (laser plastic cutters), laser foam cutting machines (laser foam cutters), laser paper cutting machines (laser paper cutters) based on materials to be cut.

Laser cutting equipments are classified into fiber laser machines and CO2 laser machines based on laser sources.

Laser cutter kits are divided into flatbed laser cutters, laser tube cutters, home laser cutters, hobby laser cutters, laser die cut machines (laser die cutters), laser profile cutting machines, industrial laser cutting machines based on applications.
Metal Laser Cut Applications and Projects


Sheet metal fabrication, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobiles, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision accessories, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, craft gifts, tool machining, decoration, advertising , Metal external machining, kitchenware processing and other industrial manufacturing industries.


Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc plate, pickling sheet, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.
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Laser Cutting Machines - Guide for Beginners
3 Tips You Should Know Before Starting a Laser Cutter.
1. Before starting, pay attention to check whether the power voltage matches the rated voltage of the laser cutting machine to avoid unnecessary damage.
2. Check whether the exhaust pipe is placed at the air outlet to avoid obstructing air convection.
3. Check whether there are other foreign objects on the laser cutting table.

12 Steps to Learn How to Use a Laser Cutter.
1. Fixed cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the work surface of the laser cutting machine;
2. Adjust the parameters of the equipment according to the material and thickness of the metal plate;
3. Select appropriate lenses and nozzles, and check them before starting to check their intact condition and cleaning condition.
4. Adjust the focus. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position;
5. check and adjust the nozzle center;
6. Cutting head sensor calibration;
7. Select the appropriate cutting gas and check whether the spraying state is good;
8. Try cutting the material. After the material is cut, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there is an error, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proof meets the requirements and is available;
9. Programming the workpiece drawings and corresponding layout, and import the equipment cutting system;
10. Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;
11. During the operation, the staff must be present at all times and carefully observe the cutting situation. If there is an emergency situation, they need to respond quickly, press the emergency stop button;
12. Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample;
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Wuhan EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high quality, ultra-precision fiber laser machinery for metal sheet & pipe processing. We produce fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine covering various fields such as metal sheet fabrication, electrical cabinet, medicine industry, LED, advertisement, automotive, aerospace, building., etc.
“Small details make big difference”, from the CEO to every ordinary staff, EETO adhered to this belief from beginning to end. On the one hand, EETO try to offer the highest technical standards products. Keep collecting user feedback, then improve our product from small details. And keep innovating by thinking ahead of the customers. On the other hand, providing most considerable services for our clients is also under our concern. We always believe that excellent products and good services are inseparable. From pre-sales to after-sales, the sense of service has written into everyone's mind. For the end users, reliable products, prompt and professional response is how we show our service. Besides that, we also try to develop agent in more and more countries, they can provide more considerable local service for us. For the agent, EETO train their technicians for each model of machines for free, so that they can solve almost 90% offline service by themselves. And we also try our best to support them to expand the business in domestic market by offering sales protection policy in every exclusive agent country. Win-win is the creed we pursue, only the customers benefit then EETO can benefit.
Cause we always put ourselves in customer’ shoes. We value every detail, whether it is products or services. EETO products have been exported to over 30 countries such as Russia, Romania, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. And we are currently one of the top 10 laser cutting machine exporters in South America. Our success can’t leave without you. please join us now!
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EETO Customer Reviews
The fiber laser machine has performed better than expected. I have been cutting metal tags and signs, and it has done a very good job. The software is adequate but could be better. Delivery was sooner than expected, and setup was no problem thanks to some help videos from the nice supplier. It's a good business machine.
I never tried a laser metal cutter before. I was skeptical at first about a cheap foreign made fiber laser cutter. But I thought I'd take a chance as this machine was on sale. I recently bought this unit and as such I soon had a need to cut steel. I have a chop saw but that has its limitations. Also have an angle grinder and I find that to be super slow and even a bit dangerous. So this laser machine seemed like the answer. So far I am happy with it even though I have no other one to compare it to.
Excellent service, shipped very fast, the fiber laser cutting achine was well packaged and arrived with zero damage. All working great, I will Recommend the seller highly. Thank You Eva For Excellent Customer Service.
As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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