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laser cutting machine for steel plate with protective cover

EETO-FLX GII 8000W/12000W fiber laser cutting machine cuts thick plates.
The main body of the laser machine tool is tempered with traditional technology, splicing, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-precision guide rail surface processing, to avoid vibration during the high-speed operation of the laser equipment.

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Product Description


EETO laser is constantly innovating, pursuing excellent quality, brand new and highly efficient integrated integrated body design, with a smaller footprint and easier and faster maintenance!

EETO Laser focuses on innovation and develops many types of laser cutting machines to meet the various processing needs of customers in different industries.

From the appearance design of the equipment to the powerful CNC system, from the two-dimensional flat cutting to the multi-functional cutting of tube and sheet, we have been constantly improving ourselves and making EETO Laser your satisfactory partner.


Basic Info.
Laser Power 3000W-15000W
Cutting Thickness 1-40mm
Maximum Traveling Speed 150m/Min
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.05mm
Position Accuracy ±0.02mm/M
Origin China

Product Description


  • Adopts imported original guiding drive and servo motor, high precision, high speed.

  • Supported all kinds of graphic format or text instant cutting, simple operation, flexible and convenient.

  • Beautiful, smooth cutting edge,without deformation.

  • Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption, the power consumption is VAG with the power consumption of 1/3-1/5, cutting speed of YAG is more than three times.

  • Fast cutting speed, low operation cost,investment recovery quickly.

Machine details

Small differences make high quality

Cast iron machine bed

Board welding splicing, heat treatment, surface treatment.

It is cast with thick steel plate, strong structure, strong anti-deformation ability, stable and durable.

machine body

Cast iron bed


Exchange table

Double servo motor synchronous drive function, stronger power, stable and reliable.

EETO laser cutting machine adopts domestic intelligent numerical control operating system, matched with high-precision rack and pinion transmission! High stability, fast dynamic response, high positioning speed!

Rack and pinion transmission

Strong carrying capacity, durable, stable transmission, low impact, vibration and noise, and high precision.


Wittenstein Alpha GmbH


Bosch Rexroth

IPG laser Generator

Using domestic and foreign well-known brand lasers, the new generation of lasers has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency (>30%), better and more stable beam quality, strong anti-high-reflection ability, and at the same time introduces an optimized second-generation optical fiber transmission system. Ensure stable and precise cutting results in thick plate cutting.


Internationally renowned brand, safe and reliable.

Precitec Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head


Precitec GmbH,Germany

Good cutting quality

The cutting seam is narrow, the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, there is no slag, no burr, and high precision.

Quality Inspection

Only if it can stand the test is it worth having!

Each laser equipment of EETO Laser has undergone strict multiple production and assembly processes, standardized production process, improved quality, 72-hour non-stop quality inspection, standardized quality inspection requirements, and reduced failure rate! Only when we strive for perfection, can you choose us without any worries.

Component quality test

Component quality test

Accuracy detection

Accuracy detection


Machine installation

Circuit test

Circuit test



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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