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FLC series-Portable Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaner

handheld fiber laser cleaning machine is a manual portable laser cleaner with fiber lasers for rust removal, paint stripping, and coating removal.

New Generation Laser Tool, Easy, Fast, Beyond Your Imagination

FLC Series, with latest laser technology, we create an whole new tool for surface cleaning applications.

As Our Belief, Details Make Differences

We believe, every details counts for overall machine quality. Delivery, Installation, Operation, Function, Service, We try our best in every aspect for better user experience.
laser cleaning machine compact design

Compact Design

We focus on Easy for Operation, Durability and Safety for Laser Cleaning Head Design

Various Cleaning Modes                          

  • Support Six different cleaning modes for different applications, depends on the cleaning objects and the cleaning results you‘d like to achieve
laser cleaning machine various modes
laser cleaning machine storage area

Well Designed Storage Area

All Required Laser Cleaning Consumables could be easily stored inside machine. ​​​​​​​

Make Installation the Best Experience Ever 

Overall Consideration for Easy, Quick, Reliable Installation Design. We keep improving for this, so the machine would be ready for your production as soon as you get it onsite.
laser cleaning machine plug&play
Plug & Play 
Most Electrical Wiring works are eliminated by Intergrated Connection Design. Just Plug - n - Play.
laser cleaning machine easy to store
Easy to Store
Hydraulic opening for storage box, keep opening while working, and close easily after finished.
laser cleaning machine easy to move
Easy to move
It can be easily moved to the place you about to work and switch to lock avoid sliding.

Applications for Various Industries

As laser cleaning is a totally environment-friendly process and its high efficiency, has been widely adopted in many industries.

Rust Remove
laser cleaning machine rust move
Welding Seam Clean
laser cleaning machine welding seam clean
Oxidation Clean
laser cleaning machine oxidation clean
Mould Clean
laser cleaning machine mould clean
Painting Remove
laser cleaning machine painting remove

Customized Applications for Our Customers

 What we delivered to customers for improving their overall production performance
Industrial laser cleaning is the process of clearing away undesired material from a solid surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. By absorbing the energy of the laser beam, the targeted material is heated very quickly, making it evaporate or sublimate. As the surface below does not absorb any energy, it stays untouched.
laser cleaning machine
laser cleaning machine

By manipulating the laser flux, its wavelength and its pulse length, the amount of material that is being removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled with extreme precision. Making laser cleaning equally suitable for rapid and deep rust removal as for removing only one thin layer of paint, without damaging the base coat.


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