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Sheet And Pipe Cutting Function In One Machine FLSP 3015

EETO-FLSP series include both sheet cutting function and pipe cutting function. And different from the other sheet&pipe laser cutting machine, our pipe cutting extension can cut not only round pipe and square pipe, but also oval pipes! We have set two zero point on this model, so our sheet&pipe laser cutting machine can find the pipe center very fast and very easy to change different diameter pipes. And with the new design, you can upload the sheet plate very easily.
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Product Description

EETO FLSP 3015 series is based on FLS series, adding pipe cutting machine structure, so that one cutting machine can cut pipe and plate at the same time. Meet the cutting requirements of various shapes of pipes, greatly save time and running costs for customers. 

FLSP open single panel pipe integral cutting machine

 Our EETO FLSP series cutting machine is carefully selected and compared by the buyer and purchased back.

 Then the professional engineers assemble and repeatedly debug to ensure that there is no quality problem, so that the cutting accuracy reaches the highest. Every process has been tested.

 It will eventually be sold to the custo

What`s special about the EETO FLSP family:

The following is a comparison of the EETO tube cutting front and rear chucks and the normal front and rear chucks:

                                    EETO chuck                                                                          Normal chuck                            

front chuck normal (2)
                              EETO front chuck                              Normal front chuck
Combined two axes linkage and unidirectional adjustment, very easy to find the middle point.

Unidirectional adjustment, hard to find middle point and not precision.

Each axis has long stroke , which can change different diameter pipes very easy.
Short axis stroke, need to change or move claw one by one every time when change different pipes.
All chuck parts are polished , have good apperance and higher accurancy. The chuck don`t have surface treatment, many parts are rusting easily.
Rear chuck normal
                                  EETO rear chuck                                 Normal rear chuck
No matter square pipe or circular pipe, can adjust the gripper according to the pipe diameter. For square pipe , have to loose claw then adjust it.
Diameter from 20 mm to 200 mm, it can automatically clamp the tube without adjusting the gripper. Travel distance :20mm for each side .when diameter change more than 20mm, need to unload claw.
Small reduction ratio, high precision grinding teeth, speed up to 70 rpm, cutting sound clear and smooth. The motor power is small, rotate speed is lower than 30rpm, with obvious noise.

In addition, the normal chuck`s  chuck adjustment need manual support, need at least two person to adjust it and very hard to get good precision.

We Use Advanced Tools To Control Precision On Every Installation Steps

Machine installation is important for checking quality of a laser machine,especially motion parts installation,which is used for ensure running and cutting accracy,here we introduce you how we install our laser machine linear.


Linear guide parallelism examination,our requirement≤±0.02mm


Rack installation,accuracy lower than≤±0.02mm


Parallelism check between two guides,our accuracy requirement≤±0.02mm


Linear guide hardness and straightness detection,our requirement≤±0.02mm

Application Industry

In the laser cutting machine industry, the laser cutting occupies an important position in industrial production. For most metal materials, regardless of their hardness, they can be cut without borders.

Mainly used in sheet metal processing industry, agricultural machinery industry, advertising industry, kitchenware manufacturing industry, etc. In addition to the most widely used industries of laser cutting machines, such as automobiles, aerospace, steel structure construction, elevator manufacturing, printing, etc., there are corresponding There is room for development, so the laser cutting machine will become the mainstream of future development.

The EETO laser is mainly used for the following:

laser cutting

Laser cutting

laser engraving

Laser engraving

laser marking

Laser marking

laser weldingLaser welding

laser cleaning

Laser cleaning

laser cladding

Laser cladding

Cutting sample:


8mm aluminum plate cutting hole

6mm. 黄铜切割

6mm brass cut


1mm stainless steel sharp corner cutting


1mm stainless steel cutting


1mm stainless steel pipe cutting


Stainless steel square tube cutting


stainless steel square tube cutting

1mm 不锈钢穿插

Inlay cutting


Q: What's the working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Our standard working area is 3000*1500mm.But we can also do customized sizes as request.

Q: What's the laser power of our fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Now our standard laser power include 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W , 6000W and 8000W

Q: What materials can we cut? What's the cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials, but generally used for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel. Cutting thickness is from 0.5mm to 28mm according to different laser power.

Q: How to install the fiber laser cutting machine?

A: We will send our technician to customer's factory for machine installation,commissioning and training.

Q: What are consumables of fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Generally include protection lens, cutting nozzle and ceramic body.

Q: If we need to cut work-piece with different height, is it available?

A: Yes, it can cut work pieces with different height.The focus length can be adjusted automatically.

Q: Can we cut both sheet plate and pipe in one machine?

A: Yes,our sheet and pipe laser cutting machine can do that.

Q: What's the delivery time?

A: Generally speaking,lead time is 30~50 working days after deposite received.

Technical parameters

Technical parameter:

                        Total Weight



           Total Power Consumption



                         Laser Type

CW Fiber Laser

                   Laser Wavelength



                Fiber Core Diameter



                       Laser Power



Quality Cutting


Mild   Steel



Stainless Steel






      Net Sheet metal Cutting Area



                  Tube processing

Φ=20-200mm, L=3m, 6m (see Attachment   07 page)

                   Tube category

Round, square, rectangular,   oval, waist round, triangle tube etc.

            X.Y Axis Drive System

Rack and Pinion

            P.R Axis Drive System

For tube cutting

              Z Axis Drive System

Ball Screw

                    Z Axis stroke



       Maximum Traveling Speed



Maximum Acceleration X,Y Axis   Speed



Position Accuracy



Repeatability Accuracy



                       Cooling Style


                     Bearing Weight






Note: This data is for reference only ,and the actual data shall prevail.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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