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Raycus Max JPT Oil Cleaner Paint Remover Laser Cleaning Machine

FLC series laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, user-friendly design, small size, flexible operation, low energy consumption, environmental protection, etc., and has certain practicability and operability. Customers can preset the cleaning mode through the software, and can directly switch the operation mode without adjusting parameters, and start cleaning without chemical reagents, media, dust and water. High cleanliness with auto focus, surface lamination cleaning, removal of resin, stains, rust, coatings, paints, etc.

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EETO-FLC series Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning is a new type of non-contact surface cleaning technology. It mainly uses a low-power, high-energy-density pulsed laser beam to act on the surface of the workpiece, so that the stains, oxides or coatings on the surface are vaporized or heated instantaneously. So as to achieve the effect of surface cleaning and purification. Compared with the traditional method, it has the advantages of environmental protection, no grinding, no thermal effect, etc., and has unique advantages in cleaning precision workpieces.


Left view


Front view


Right view

As Our Belief, Details Make Differences
We believe, every details counts for overall machine quality. Delivery, Installation, Operation, Function, Service, We try our best in every aspect for better user experience.
Product Name
Laser cleaning machine
Main Ingredient
Metalsurface rust removal, Surfacepaint removal and paint treatment, Surfaceoil, stains, dirt cleaning, Surfacecoating, clear coating, Weldingsurface / spray surface pretreatment, Stonesurface dust and attachment removal, Rubbermold residue cleaning.
Applicable Material
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Metal
Laser source
Raycus Laser Source

Detailed Images


Compact Design

We focus on Easy for Operation, Durability and Safety for Laser Cleaning Head Design.


Various Cleaning Modes

Support Six different cleaning modes for different applications, depends on the cleaning objects and the cleaning results you‘d like to achieve.


Well Designed Storage Area

All Required Laser Cleaning Consumables could be easily stored inside machine.


Plug & Play

Most Electrical Wiring works are eliminated by Intergrated Connection Design. Just Plug - n - Play.

Laser Cleaning Applications


Company Introduction

Wuhan EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality, ultra-precision fiber laser machinery for metal sheet & pipe processing. We specialized in CNC fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine covering various fields such as metal sheet fabrication, electrical cabinet, medicine industry, LED, advertisement,automotive,aerospace, building., etc.

Our products have been exported to over 30 countries such as Russia, Romania, Macedonia, South Africa,
Mexico, Malaysia., and we are currently one of the top 10 laser cut machine exporters in South America.




As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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