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Metal Pipe Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel

EETO-FPC6020 Series adopted global top brand IPG Laser Generator, offered several Laser Power from 1000W to 3000W, satisfied various of cutting metal tube requirements of thickness from 0.5mm to 24mm.

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Product Description


Important upgrade

1. Double exhaust system to ensure fume extraction effect, matching front and rear chuck, step by step, level processing.The rear chuck equipped with a waste collection system.

2. Follow-up support component system. During the cutting process, it can be ensured that the support frame can always follow the pipe to prevent pipe cutting errors caused by pipe deformation.The front end is equipped with front, rear, left and right dual follow-up modules to ensure cutting accuracy, and automatic tilting and blanking settings to prevent pipe scratches.

3. The machine is equipped with Bochu special chuck, which has better dynamic performance, speed can reach 80r/min, acceleration can reach 1.5G


Laser Cutting Machine
Cutting shape
any shapes
Laser power
Laser wavelength
XY axis positioning accuracy
XY axis repositioning accuracy

Round pipe diameter cutting


Square rectangular tube cutting range
Position indicating
Red light instruction
Support graphic format
3 phase
Power supply requirement

Product Description


Feature 1

A. Ultra-high-speed laser cutting machine!

B. Compared with the universal laser cutting machine, the cutting speed is increased by 30%!

C. Machine acceleration can reach 1.5G.


Feature 2

A. Multifunctional cutting of round, square, rectangular and oval tubes!

B. It can be cut straight, corner cut, punched, etc.

C. Cut smooth without burrs.

D. Cutting loss 0.1mm/cut only.

E. Excellent cutting accuracy ±1mm.


Feature 3

A. Full pneumatic chuck, professional pipe cutting

B. The chuck adopts a four-jaw hollow rotary pneumatic chuck, and the rotation speed can reach more than 150 rpm.

C. Fast clamping response time to protect and avoid pinching pipes.

D. Chucks of different specifications need to be replaced with corresponding specifications, and the replacement time is 3 minutes.


Feature 4

A: Roller feeding, six feeding rollers clamp the tube, the feeding cycle does not need to be reset, the waiting time is reduced, and the cutting efficiency is greatly improved.

B. Simultaneous loading and cutting

Our Services

production and sales team

1.We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price. 

2.24 hours online service, free technical support.

3.Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is any other questions,please kindly tell me.

4.We have manual instruction and Guiding Videos for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance.


1.Q:Why should we choose you ?

A:If you choose us, you will get top quality,best service,reasonable price and reliable warranty.

2.Q:I'm not familiar with the machine,how to choose? 

A:Just tell us materials, thickness and working size, I will recommend the suitable machine.

3.Q:How to operate the machine? 

A:We will deliver English manual and video with the machine to you.If you still need our further help,please contact us.

4.Q:Can I get the sample to check quality of machine ?

A:Of course.Please provide your logo or design to us, samples can be provided for you. 

5.Q:Can you arrange the shipment for us?

A:Of course.We can arrange the shipment for our clients accordingly by sea and air. Trading terms FOB, CIF, CFR are available.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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