How To Cut Galvanized Sheet Metal with Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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How To Cut Galvanized Sheet Metal with Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Galvanized sheet metal, a staple in the metal processing industry, is renowned for its robustness and versatility. Its defining feature, the zinc coating, while excellent for corrosion resistance, poses specific challenges in cutting.

Fiber laser cutting machines offer unparalleled precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness. At EETO, we specialize in cutting galvanized sheet metal using advanced fiber laser technology. This blog will guide you in using fiber laser cutting machines, demonstrating their superiority in handling galvanized sheet metal.

Why Choose Fiber Laser Cutting Machines?

Fiber laser cutting machines represent a technological advance in metal processing. They offer several advantages over conventional cutting methods, especially when working with galvanized sheet metal:


Fiber lasers produce extremely focused, high-intensity beams, allowing for intricate cuts with minimal kerf width. This precision is crucial for detailed designs and tight tolerances.


They operate at a much faster rate compared to traditional cutting methods. This speed increase translates to higher productivity and quicker turnaround times for projects.


Fiber lasers are more cost-effective in the long run despite the upfront investment. They have lower operational costs due to higher efficiency and reduced waste.

Quality of Cut

Fiber lasers minimize damage to the zinc coating, maintaining the corrosion resistance of galvanized sheet metal. They produce cleaner cuts with reduced heat-affected zones, preserving the material's structural integrity.


These machines are capable of cutting various thicknesses and types of metal, making them versatile in the metal fabrication industry.

Preparing for Laser Cutting

Before engaging in the cutting process with a fiber laser machine, preparation is key to ensuring efficiency and safety:

Material Inspection

Examine the galvanized sheet metal for any irregularities or defects. The presence of dents or warps can affect the cutting accuracy.

Surface Cleaning

Remove any contaminants from the surface. A clean surface ensures better laser interaction and cleaner cuts.

Proper Positioning

Securely position the sheet metal on the cutting bed. Proper alignment is crucial for accuracy and to minimize waste.

Safety Measures

Ensure that all operators are equipped with appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and heat-resistant gloves. The area should be well-ventilated to manage fumes produced during cutting.

Machine Calibration

Adjust the fiber laser settings based on the thickness and type of galvanized sheet metal. Proper calibration is essential for optimal cutting performance and to prevent damage to the material.

The Galvanized Sheet Metal Cutting Process with Fiber Laser Machines

The cutting process with fiber laser machines involves several steps to ensure precision and quality:

1. Setting Parameters

Input the required specifications into the machine, such as power, speed, and frequency. These parameters vary based on the material thickness and desired cut quality.

2. Initiating the Cut

Start the laser and monitor the initial engagement with the metal. An optimal start is crucial for a smooth cutting process.

3. Monitoring Progress

Continuously monitor the machine's progress. Modern fiber lasers often come with software that provides real-time feedback and control.

4. Adjustments During Cutting

If necessary, make adjustments to the laser parameters during the cutting process to accommodate for any observed discrepancies.

5. Handling Complex Cuts

For intricate designs, fiber laser cutters excel in executing complex cuts with high precision. This capability is particularly useful for detailed architectural or automotive parts.

6. Finalizing the Cut

Once the cutting is complete, the machine typically shuts off automatically. Carefully remove the cut pieces, ensuring they have cooled down sufficiently.

After-Cutting Practices

Post-cutting practices are crucial to ensure the longevity of both the cut pieces and the fiber laser machine:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regularly clean the machine to prevent the build-up of metal dust and debris. Proper maintenance ensures longevity and consistent performance of the fiber laser cutter.

Deburring and Finishing

While fiber lasers typically leave a clean edge, some applications may require deburring or additional finishing for smoothness.

Storage and Handling

Store the cut pieces in a dry, safe environment to maintain their integrity, especially considering the zinc coating of galvanized metal.

Waste Management

Efficiently manage and recycle metal scraps. Fiber lasers often result in minimal waste due to their precision.

How to Cut Galvanized Pipe with Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Besides cutting galvanized sheet metal, fiber laser cutting machines also can cut galvanized pipes used ranging from plumbing to construction. Pay attention to the machine model, whether it is suitable for cutting one of them or cutting both metal sheet and pipe. Here’s how to leverage these machines for cutting galvanized pipes:


Begin by measuring and marking the pipe for cutting. Ensure the pipe is clean and free from any contaminants that might interfere with the laser cutting process.

Securing the Pipe

Properly securing the pipe is crucial for accurate cutting. Use the machine's clamping system to hold the pipe in place, ensuring it does not move during the cutting process.

Machine Settings

Adjust the fiber laser settings based on the pipe's diameter and wall thickness. Correct settings are essential for achieving clean cuts without damaging the pipe.

The Cutting Process

Engage the fiber laser to start the cutting process. Modern machines allow for precise control, making it possible to cut complex shapes or patterns if required.


Continuously monitor the cutting process. Fiber lasers cut quickly, but it’s important to watch for any irregularities during the operation.

We invite you to experience the power of our fiber laser cutting machines. Contact us for a demonstration or to discuss how we can assist in optimizing your metal processing needs. Inquire for more information and explore our range of fiber laser machines designed for excellence, including fiber laser cutters, fiber laser cleaners, and fiber laser welders.

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