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Galvanized Sheet &tube Laser Cutting Machine

EETO-FLXP Series is a sheet & pipe laser cutting machine, which can cut sheet and tube on one machine. It can do two purposes with one machine.
One product has two functions, which can not only cut plates, but also meet the needs of various cutting pipes. Square pipes, round pipes, and special-shaped pipes are all available.

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Product Description

EETO-FLXP is a laser cutting machine without a cover. It can cut both plates and pipes. There are two exchange tables in the plate cutting part, which can realize cutting and feeding at the same time, saving time and labor.

flxp (3)

We connect machine body and pipe cutting area by some metal workpieces,by this way,we can reduce defective percentage,then pipe cutting section can work properly.


Tube processing: Φ=20-200mm, L=3m, 6m

Usually the diameter is 20-160mm, and large chucks with a diameter of 200-320mm can also be customized

Usually 6m tube is cut, and other lengths such as 9m tube can also be customized

Some Special Designs Different From Other Factories

cooling system

Industry Chiller+Separate Climate Control Air Conditioner for Laser Generator

Exhaust system

Combine Exhaust System with the Machine Structure


Optional voltage stabilizer for each machine

Part of the Configuration Table

Control System Cypcut from Bochu
Servo Motors Delta,Taiwan
Reducer Motoreducer,France
Rack&Pinion KH,Taiwan
Linear Guide CSK,Taiwan
Water Chiller Hanli,China

Application Industry

In the laser cutting machine industry, the laser cutting machine occupies an important position in industrial production. For most metal materials, regardless of their hardness, they can be cut without borders.

Mainly used in sheet metal processing industry, agricultural machinery industry, advertising industry, kitchenware manufacturing industry, etc. In addition to the most widely used industries of laser cutting machines, such as automobiles, aerospace, steel structure construction, elevator manufacturing, printing, etc., there are corresponding There is room for development, so the laser cutting machine will become the mainstream of future development.


Fitness Equipment


Furniture Industry


Construction Machinery


Auto Parts

More Machine Details

This EETO-FLXP series (open type) is favored by customers because it has multiple functional advantages and is relatively cheaper. 

It Has The Following Characteristics:

1.With an exchange table, the cutting efficiency is better, and the loading and unloading time is saved.

2. It can not only cut plates but also pipes of various shapes. One machine has two purposes.

3. Externally hang the optical fiber to reduce the damage of the optical fiber caused by improper operation, and reduce the difficulty of installing the cutting head and the failure rate.


Exchange Working Table

The exchange table design allows the loading and unloading without stopping the machine, and directly exchanges the cut material to the back, and the work table for the back loading to the front, which improves the cutting volume in a day.

In addition, it is more convenient and safer to load materials at the back, away from the cutting area, to avoid accidental injury to the operator by the laser beam.

flxp (2) Sheet&Pipe Cutting Function In One Machine

Different from the other sheet&pipe laser cutting machine,our pipe cutting extension can not only round pipe and square pipe,but also oval pipes!


  It is designed with an exchange table, which greatly improves work efficiency.


  Moreover, it does not have a cover, which saves a part of the capital and can clearly see the entire processing process.

Why EETO-FLXP IS Special?

EETO adopt independently designed mechanical structure and chuck,has the advantages of high load and ynload efficient,convenient pipe changing,high revolving speed and low noisy,the average pipe cutting effeciency is 30 times more than most laser machine in the market.

Here is the clear comparasion as follow:

Rear chuck

EETO Rear Chuck

No matter square pipe or circular pipe,the clawscan be adjust easily according to pipe diameter. 

Diameter from 20-160mm,200-320mm customizable, can clamp pipe automatically,no need to adjust claw.

Adopt small reduction ratio and accracy grinding gear,the rotate speed is up to 70 rpm,the sound is clear and melodious.


Normal Rear Chuck

For square pipe,have to loose claw then adjust it. 

Travel distance:20mm for each side.When diameter change more than 20mm,need to unload claw.

The motor power is small,rotate speed is lower than 30rpm,with obvious noise. 

front chuck

EETO Front Chuck

Combined two axes linkage and unidirectional adjustment,very easy to find the middle point.

Each axis has long stroke,which can change different diameter pipes very easy.

Adopt high quality steel,high strength and low weight,revolving speed up to 70r/min.

Chuck adjustment adopts screw rod control,can be adjusted by one person and get high precision easily.

All chuck parts are polished,have good apperance and higher accurancy.

normal (2)

Nomal Front Chuck

Unidirectional adjustment,hard to find middle point and not precision.

Short axis stroke,need to change or move claw one by one every time when change different pipes.

Chuck's weight is very heavy,revolving speed is within 30r/min.

Chuck adjustment need manual support,need at least two person to adjust it and very hard to get good precision.

The chuck don't have surface treatment,many parts are rusting rasily. 

Where external optical fiber is better than built-in optical fiber?

The external optical fiber can reduce the damage of the optical fiber due to improper operation, and reduce the installation difficulty and failure rate of the cutting head.

Many other manufacturers use built-in optical fibers, while EETO uses external external.


A: The built-in optical fiber installation requires the operator to have experience in installing the machine

B: The external optical fiber can be installed without rich experience, and the installation is simple

A: The built-in optical fiber needs to disassemble the cutting head. In the case of improper operation, the cutting head will easily enter dust and damage the yellow line optical path.

B: The external optical fiber does not need to dismantle the cutting head, and it is directly and simply connected to avoid contamination of the cutting head and optical fiber circuit.

A: The built-in optical fiber needs to organize the optical fiber line before connecting. It is difficult to operate and easy to bend the optical fiber to cause loss, and the cost of replacing the optical fiber is higher.

B: The external optical fiber arranges the wiring and packs it in a tube for easy installation and replacement, which better protects the optical fiber and reduces the risk of damage

Cutting Sample


1.2mm stainless steel-round tube


Carbon steel 5.5mm

Stainless steel -1mm

Stainless steel 1mm

1.2mm stainless steel square tube

1.2mm stainless steel square tube

6MM bright carbon steel sharp corner cutting

6MM bright carbon steel sharp corner cutting

1mm stainless steel round pipe

1mm stainless steel round pipe

Precision Test

We Use Advanced Tools To Control Precision On Every Installation Steps

Machine installation is important for checking quality of a laser machine,especially motion parts installation,which is used for ensure running and cutting accracy,here we introduce you how we install our laser machine linear.


Linear guide parallelism examination,our requirement≤±0.02mm


Rack installation,accuracy lower than≤±0.02mm


Parallelism check between two guides,our accuracy requirement≤±0.02mm


Linear guide hardness and straightness detection,our requirement≤±0.02mm



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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