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High Precision Multi-mode Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine

EETO-FLX GII series is the most hot-sale model nowadays.It designed with double working table and full-cover,so it is very suitable for the customers who have high requirement for work efficiency and personal safety.It also very suitable for equipping auto-loading device to make the whole cutting system more automation and labour-free.

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Product Description

It adopts a full protection design and is safe and environmentally friendly. High-end standards to meet your special needs, with CE certificate and power testing, high processing accuracy, fast speed, long service life, no need to worry about after-sales warranty.


Highlight of EETO-FLX GII

--Closed loop bus control system to ensure high cutting accuracy

--German high-precision transmission system components: reducer, rack, gear, etc.

--Adopt autofocus cutting head to shorten the perforation time of thick plate cutting

--The cutting head has a built-in zoom module to automatically compensate the focus position.

Software System

What's more,we have got in-depth cooperation with Beckhoff's R&D department,and special designed mang useful functions for our customers.


Beckhoff system,Germany

These functions can help a lot for intensive work and mark some works more convenient.

Quality Control

Only if it can stand the test is it worth having!

Each laser equipment of EETO Laser has undergone strict multiple production and assembly processes, standardized production process, improved quality, 72-hour non-stop quality inspection, standardized quality inspection requirements, and reduced failure rate! Only when we strive for perfection, can you choose us without any worries.


Component quality test


Accuracy detection


Machine installation


Circuit test


6mm sharp corner cutting

1mm 黄铜 切割

1mm brass cutting


0.8mm stainless steel cut


10mm carbon steel cutting


Carbon steel 5.5mm cutting

Mechanical Aonfiguration

Cast iron bed

The bed strength is increased by 20% in India, and it has a higher-strength steel structure, which has a strong shock absorption effect and anti-deformation ability.

In the case of ultra-high angular velocity, the overall mechanical structure still maintains the characteristics of small deformation and low vibration, obtaining extremely high machine tool accuracy.

Significantly extend the service life of the equipment and reduce operating costs.


Ultra high pressure tensile aluminum beam

Using ultra-high pressure drawing process and lightweight design, its quality is reduced by 30% compared with cast aluminum beams, and its strength and rigidity are increased by more than 20%


Exchange platform

1.More stable and faster.

2.It adopts an up and down chain-type parallel exchange platform,chain transmission system realizes fast and stable exchange of the table.

3.The converter is responsible for controlling the exchanging motor.

4.Less load time and more efficient.

5.The machine is able to finish the platform exchanging within 15s.


Exchange Table


Full Protection

Function Blessing

Laser head anti-collision

Detect obstacles such as uplifted workpieces in advance to avoid damage to the cutting head and ensure continuous processing.

Start cleaning

After the perforation is completed, the laser head executes the vortex motion trajectory to avoid the residual slag on the edge from affecting the cutting effect.

Constant air pressure

Ensure that the actual cutting air pressure is consistent with the input value.

Lightning piercing

The perforation function is executed from the cutting head in position, and the cutting head drops to the cutting height to complete the perforation.

No waste edge cutting

Unbounded cutting is not affected by the format and material, one-key opening function, no need to repeatedly adjust, no programming, and check to complete the expected cutting.

Automatic cleaning of copper nozzle

Automatically clean the nozzle to cut slag without manual intervention, fast and efficient.

Thick plate cutting heat compensation

Focus compensation solves the problem of cheap focus caused by thermal deformation of the lens and ensures stable cutting.

Save gas consumption

Professional nozzles use cutting copper nozzles with corresponding apertures to cut plates of different thicknesses to reduce gas consumption and improve cutting efficiency.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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