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FLX Series 6020 High Power Laser Cutting Machine with Shuttle Table

Closed-loop EtherCAT control system ensuring fast and precise cutting

Adopted high precision transmission component and parts

PRECITEC auto-focus laser cut head to reduce the piercing time of thick metal cutting

Cutting head with built-in zoom module, realize the function of collimating module, get 1.2-2.0 times spot diameter, and the focus position is automaticlly compensated

  • FLX 3015 2000W

  • EETO

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Product Description

  • Dual working table makes it easy for fast and stable table exchange, saving production time greatly.

  • Heavy duty design with strict processing methods, ensuring long life time.

  • User-friendly operation system with embedded nesting software.

  • Closed-loop gas path monitoring system to avoid gas pollution and ensure electrical safety.

laser cutting machine

Procession Area 3000mm X 1500mm Customized size available
Fiber Laser Power 1000W - 4000W
Max. Acceleration 1.2G
Max traveling speed 120m/min
Positioning Accuracy +/-0.03mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy +/-0.05mm
Total Power Comsumption 15.8KVA~29.5KVA
Power Supply 380V 50HZ / 380V 60HZ / 220V 60HZ
Total Weight Over 10 T
Dimension 8600*2850*2200



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