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FLS Series Single Table Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

EETO-FLS Series laser cutting machine is a very mature and economical cutting machine. The detailed information is more in line with customer experience, easy to use, high-end configuration, economical and safe to operate, and is the first choice for high-frequency processing of plates.

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FLS Series use heavy duty structure body, and put strong keel beam to strengthen the stability, after install the parts, the whole machine body 

will be more than 3.8Tons, which is heavy a lot than many other factories. With this machine body, after years of working it will not be out of shape,and even you can make a test, when it works you can put a full cup of water on the machine body, the water will be not spill out!


  • Heavy-duty structure machine body ensures the long-term stability of the equipment.

  • Open type design,more flexible space utilization.

  • Use external optical fiber to reduce fiber pollution and damage caused by improper operation.

  • Industrial PC can be connected to wireless network to transmit graphics data, no network cable is required.

  • Split machine, the laser generator is independent of the machine, prolonging the service life of the laser.




Machine Body

Machine body was welded by thick pipe and also triangle structure used to make sure during long service time without distortion and vibration.

High precision milling to keep running accuracy and cutting performance, error under 0.01mm/m.

Sand Blasting helps paint attach more closely to the surface of machine bed,and avoid metal surface from getting rust.

Control System Cypcut, Bochu

Founded in China in 2007, it is the leading domestic laser cutting control system with obvious competitive advantages and the world's leading laser cutting control system.

So far, it has provided complete system solutions for more than 400 laser processing equipment manufacturers.



Laser Source IPG, Germany

IPG Photonics is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets. EETO-FLX-GII series products served with stable and long lift time Germany fiber laser generator. And the advantages like below:

With excellent laser beam quality and high work efficiency. Cutting speed is 2 to 3 times that same power CO2 laser cutting machine.

Save energy and cost. With high efficiency for photoelectric conversion, three times than CO2 laser source.

Low maintenance, the performance is very stable, the lifetime can be 100,000 hours.


Servos Motor Yaskawa, Japan

Established in 1915,Japan.Yaskawa is the leading global manufacturer of low and medium voltage variable frequency drives, servo systems, machine controllers and industrial robots, they are well known and have a high reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.

Yaskawa servos motors offering higher performance, greater accuracy, and minimal maintenance.

Respond with rated speeds to 3000 rpm.

Enhanced vibration suppression function, vibration and noises reduced remarkably.

IP67 rated for resistance to dust, water wash down


Laser Cutting Head  Raytools, Switerland

Originated from Switzerland, quality inheritance. 

RayTools can provide all kinds of laser optical products-laser processing heads, light guide arms and related peripheral products. 

Its products have complete functions, strong performance, and many choices, which can meet the different laser processing needs of OEMs, such as cutting, welding, and surface treatment.


CSK1 CSK Linear Guide


KH Rack and Pinion


Hanli Water Chiller

稳压Voltage Stabilizer


Small Detail Makes a Big Difference


External Optical Fiber

Are you still using inner fiber optic?

Did you trouble you when installing the machine?

Are you still paying high fees for fiber damage and fiber contamination?



The external optical fiber specially improved to reduce the damage of the optical fiber makes the installation of the machine so simple. You only need to remove the cutting head without removing the optical fiber, and then connect the cutting head to the external interface of the optical fiber and hang the optical cable on the machine.

This detail is rare in the market. It not only solves some of the problems of lack of experience in installing the machine, avoids dismantling the optical fiber to cause damage, but also scientifically avoids the internal pollution of the optical fiber, so that your machine can last longer.

The external optical fiber makes you no longer need to frequently delay the construction period due to the damage of this important component, which saves you a lot of maintenance and replacement costs.

European Standard Electrical Cabinet


EETO’s machines is customized for overseas users. Adapted European standard electrical cabinet, the wiring is neat and the color of the wires meets the requirements of European standards.

European Standard Electrical Cabinet

Separation of Strong and Weak Electricity  

Avoid electrical interference and prolong the service life of electronic components. Increases safety and the operability of maintenance management.

European Standard Wire Marks

When running a new wire it is easy to simply pull the wire through to where it needs to go, and plug it in. The wire mark will help a lot If you ever need to troubleshoot a problem.

Closed-Loop Air Circuit Cabinet

1.If the auxiliary gas runs out, but the operator cannot figure it out on time. Then the workpieces damaged, What should we do?

2. If the auxiliary gas is too wet or too dirty, cause the optical glasses to contaminate then the whole cutting head is damage. What should we do?

3. If we need to cut various materials, keep changing auxiliary gas causes the gas cost to increase. What should we do?

Here, EETO has a solution for those issues. Our closed-loop air circuit cabinet can save cost, increase the production speed and prolong the lifetime of the machine.

Closed-Loop Air Circuit Cabinet


Plug-in Connector

Are you still worry about the long installation period?

Are you still freak out about the messy arrangement of wire?

Are you still headache about the troubleshooting during debugging?

EETO understands your situation and adopts plug-in connectors on our machines. That helps a lot to save the machine installation period. And it’s easier to find the trouble spot once the machine is malfunctioning.

Dust Cover & Fabric Bellows

  • These small details of the dust cover bellows are easy to be overlooked, but they are extremely important for plant safety, personal safety and machine safety.

  • Shielded wires and corrugated pipes are all fireproof materials, and attention is paid to the overall safety protection of each small device. A small protective device sometimes protects not only a peace of mind, but also a living life.

  • The dust cover can not only prevent dust, but also reduce the risk of fire when the machine is used in high frequency.


Dust Cover


Fabric Bellows



Cutting Sample


Stainless steel 1mm


Stainless steel 1mm


Brass 1mm


Stainless steel 1mm


Carbon steel 10mm


Stainless steel fan


Various thicknesses


Stainless steel Eagle


Carbon steel 6mm



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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