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Enclosed Type CW Laser Carbon Steel Cutting Machine

EETO-FLX-GII series is currently the most popular model, suitable for sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, advertising, metal processing, kitchen appliances and other manufacturing industries.

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Product Description

EETO-FLX-GII series 2022 is newly customized and has a dual-workbench full-cover design, which is very suitable for customers who have higher requirements for work efficiency and personal safety.

The entire cutting system is more automated and labor-saving.

FLX-GII-3Rendered picture


Physical picture


  1. Fully enclosed integrated design to ensure operator safety.

  2. Production environment adaptation expert, with extreme ergonomic design.

  3. Beckhoff closed-loop EtherCAT control system ensures ultra- fast and precise cutting.

  4. High precision transmission components and parts, such as German reducer (Alpha), gear and pinion are adopted.

  5. Steel welded structure of machine bed with pipe-sheet welded, long term stability 10+ years and high positioning accuracy.

Basic Info.
Laser Power 3000W-15000W
Cutting Thickness 1-40mm
Maximum Traveling Speed 150m/Min
Repeatability Accuracy ±0.05mm
Position Accuracy ±0.02mm/M
Origin China

Update for All Main Parts

In order to cut thicker plates, meet higher requirements and cut results, we have fully upgraded the configuration.

The new generation FLX-GII can not only be used to cut 25-40mm thick plates, but also can increase the cutting speed.

The new generation of FLX-GII supports high-power 8000W-15000W lasers, IPG, Raycus lasers are available for selection.

Main Parts Previous Updated
Laser Cutting Head BM114(Raytools),Switzerland Pro-cutter(Precitec),Germany
CNC Software Cyp-cut,China Beckhoff,Germany
Driver Motor Yasakawa,Japan Beckhoof,Germany
Linear Guide Rails TBI,Taiwan Rexroth,Japan
Rack and Pinion YYC,Taiwan Alpha,Germany
Reduction Gear Shimpo,Japan Alpha,Germany



Precitec Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head

EETO-FLX-GII Series laser cutting machine adopt the best laser cutting head brand Precitec,and this model called pro-cutter,which has a small motor inside,to control the focus lens change its location when the cutting proceed to the different depth.

Precitec laser cutting head
And because of this function the piercing of the machine can be controlled within 0.24 second.

And the piercing quality will be also improved a lot.

Beckhoff EtherCAT Control System  

What's more,we have got in-depth cooperation with Beckhoff's R&D department,and special designed mang useful functions for our customers.

These functions can help a lot for intensive work and mark some works more convenient.


FLX-GII Series laser cutting machine is equipped with beckhoff control system and bus motor.

Beckhoff control system is stop brand industrial control system from Germany.

The working principle of this system is as the picture.

Partition Ventilation

Based on our second generation Tube-Plate welding exhausting system, we have added partition ventilation function on our FLX-GII series laser cutting machine, after tested, this new exhausting system can  improve around 70%~80% fume-extracting effectiveness compare with other traditional designs.

Partition Ventilation

In this system,we will cover the top of machine with a strong metal plate,and the connection space of the working table will also covered by a special device to make sure the full cutting space has been put into a enclosed room.

And when the laser cutting head moving to the Area 1~Area 3,the ventilation opening will be opened corresponding to add the wind strength,then all the dust can be taken out feeectively.

About EETO Laser

An ambitious laser cutting machine manufacturer that enjoys a leaping growth over the past 8 continuous years;
Laser cutting machine and parts exporter in China;
Metal sheet and pipe processing machinery & parts international trading and exporting;
Tech service provider, including machine installation, debugging, upgrading, maintenance, trouble-shooting.
Purchasing service provider, we help purchase all the industrial machinery and parts for clients.

Group photos of customers from all over the word


Q:What's the working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?

A:Our standard working areavis 3000*1500MM.But we can also do customized sizes as request.

Q:What the laser powe of our fiber laser cutting machine?

A:Now our standard laser power include 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W,4000W,6000W,8000W-15000W.

Q:What materials can we cut?What's the cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?

A:Fiber laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials,but generally used for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel.Cutting thickness is from 0.5mm to 28mm according to different laser power.

Q:What are consumables of fiber laser cutting machine?

A:Generally include protection lens,cutting nozzle and ceramic body.

Q:Can we cut both sheet plate and pipe in one machine?

A:Yes,our sheet and pipe lasr cutting machine can do that.

Q:What's the delivery time?

A:Generally speaking,lead time is 30-50 working days after deposite received.



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