EETO high-efficiency laser pipe cutting machine, you must not miss it!

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EETO high-efficiency laser pipe cutting machine, you must not miss it!

In the process of metal pipe processing, the amount of tailings has always been a headache for most friends who are engaged in metal pipe processing, because more tailings means less profit. At the same time, if there are various pipe processing requirements such as round pipes, square pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc., more business needs can be met. If you also want to take into account the cost-effective and high-efficiency production, then this EETO laser semi-automatic side-mounted high-efficiency pipe cutting machine, you must not miss it!

Intelligent cutting is more worry-free

EETO laser pipe cutting machine adopts intelligent three-dimensional professional pipe cutting system, automatic focusing, which can realize precise processing of pipes, faster pipe cutting speed, small processing spot, narrower cutting gap, smooth cutting section, and better cutting quality. Reliable, it is an intelligent cutting equipment specializing in pipe processing. The mechanism is simple and stable, with good sealing and high efficiency, and can support high-precision and high-efficiency intelligent cutting of various pipes. It can realize semi-automatic feeding and cutting of the whole pipe, and can perform high-efficiency and high-quality processing of pipes of different lengths, shapes and specifications according to requirements.

Semi-automatic feeding saves time

EETO laser tube cutting machine, side-mounted plug-in tube-sheet tailor-welded bed, triangular structure, higher bed stability, the center of the chuck is located outside the main body of the bed, equipped with a semi-automatic feeding system, supporting a variety of tube types Feeding, feeding is more convenient and reliable, and it can effectively prevent cutting and splashing iron slag from falling on the guide rail rack, increase the service life of the equipment, and make daily maintenance more convenient.

Economical and more material-saving

EETO laser pipe cutting machine adopts the economical and practical movable double chuck design, the chuck structure is simple, the weight is light, the moment of inertia is small, the energy consumption is low, the clamping is stable and the clamping force is large, and the chuck is the largest The load can reach 150kg, the center of the pipe can be automatically positioned, and the ultra-short cutting tail within 50mm can be realized. The material consumption is more economical, and the material cost can be greatly reduced. Save material costs during production.

Wider range of cutting diameters

EETO laser pipe cutting machine can support a variety of pipe cutting with a diameter of 15mm-160mm. The types of cutting pipes include square pipe, round pipe, track type and oval shape, as well as angle steel, channel steel, etc. , greatly expanding the scope of application of cutting equipment and cutting profiles, which can meet more business processing needs.

High-power blessing is more powerful

EETO laser pipe cutting machine, can match 1000-6000W standard power, can be widely used in equipment industry, fitness equipment, medical equipment, building materials, furniture, kitchen and bathroom, steel furniture, automobile manufacturing, thermal insulation containers, office furniture, agricultural The processing needs of machinery, aerial work, hardware products and many other industries are deeply loved by everyone.

Like this laser cutting machine with high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and short product production cycle, it can win a wider market for customers. Are you excited?

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