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Automatic Material-feeding CNC Fiber Pipe Cutting Machine

1. It adopts heavy-duty structure and is processed and formed by CNC machine center, with high strength and good stability;

2. Stronger cast iron brackets make the machine work more stably;

3. Equipped with high-precision KH linear guide, high-precision helical rack and pinion drive, higher stability and higher precision;

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Product Description


EETO-FPC6020 Series adopted global top brand IPG Laser Generator, offered several Laser Power from 1000W to 6000W, satisfied various of cutting metal tube requirements of thickness from 0.5mm  to 24mm. 



Φ20-Φ200mm round tubes,20*20 - 300*300mm square tubes, Side length 20~600mm forrectangle, ellipse, hexagonal, Lumbar type tube.


Thickness range

0.5~24mm carbon steel tube and 0.5~16mm for stainless, galvanized, electrolytic plate, silicon steel and other thin metal tubes.

Advantages of our pipe cutters

1. Equipped with an industrial camera, the probe is clear and the positioning accuracy is high;

2. Standard configuration 380V 5.5KW high-speed water-cooled spindle motor, high power and high efficiency;

3. Independent control cabinet, separation of strong and weak electricity, easy maintenance;

4. Compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Probe/UG/Artgrave;

5. Standard industrial matrix vacuum system;

6. Configure manual oil lubrication system. Equipment maintenance is more convenient and quicker.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing & Delivery :

Packing :1. Whole film packaging machine

               2. Anti-collision package edge

               3. Fumigation-free plywood wooden box with iron binding belt

Packaging and transportation

Our Services

After-sale Service :

1. Based on Service-oriented conception, complete pre-sales and after-sales services for customers will be provided like installation, testing, training and maintenance.

2. Before signing a contract, parameters and processing technics will be explained and given to customers to make product fully comprehended.

3. After signing a contract, transport vehicle or ship will be arranged to carry goods to the appointed location within delivery period, and engineers will be sent on site later for installation, lasting 1-2 days.

4. Training period takes about 3-4 days till all the operations are perfectly performed under regulations.

5. We promise to visit our customers once a year ,during the visit, we will help them with machine maintenance, operation, and enhance their knowledge and operation skills.

Company Information

EETO Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional laser machine manufacturer in Wuhan, the 'Silicon Valley'  and source of laser in China. With our technologies and experiences growing for years, we have already put in market low/medium/high power fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting&engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine.
Specializing in laser product production and R&D, providing complete laser industry products and solutions, laser cutting, welding, marking, and engraving. Provide complete solutions for the sheet metal industry, cutting, polishing, perforating, bending, welding, painting, and providing all products and services required by customers.
EETO is working hard to improve its own specialized knowledge, and at the same time learning knowledge of other industrial products, striving to enrich its own technology and experience, and lay the foundation for future intelligent and automated production.


Q: What materials can we cut? What is the cutting thickness of the fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials, but it is generally used for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel. Depending on the laser power, the cutting thickness varies from 0.5mm to 25mm.

Q: How to install fiber laser cutting machine?

A: We will send our technicians to the customer site for machine installation, commissioning and training. In the case of force majeure such as the new crown pneumonia and it is impossible to go abroad, we can provide online video teaching installation, and answer your installation questions for an unlimited time and number of times.

Q: What if the customer has a problem with the machine, what about the after-sales service?

A: We provide one year machine warranty. During the warranty period, if there is a problem with the machine, we will provide the parts for free by express. After the warranty, we still provide lifetime technical support services. And we have agents in many countries, which can provide local on-site technical services to our customers.

Q: Can we cut sheet and pipe at the same time on one machine?

A: Yes, our sheet and tube laser cutting machines can do this.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Generally, the delivery time is within 40 days after receiving the deposit.

More Machine Detials


VALUABLE CHOICE  Meet User's Needs



Strong Ability to Break Through Boundaries(Professional Cutting  Tube Laser Machine)


01 Superior quality

Factory direct sales

Selected raw materials

Strong material,more durable

Design and production by senior technicians


02 Convenient operation

Intuitive display screen

Easy button operation

Eye-catching reminder light

Effectively save manpower and time

Super Processing Capability to Cut All Types of Tubes Easily

All Tubes Covered 

Easy to cut conventional tubes like round and square tube, profiles like channel and angle steel, and special-shaped tubes;

Cut carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, red cooper, aluminum alloy, etc.;

Cut special-section tubes.


Achieving Higher Cutting Efficiency

The Max. speed is 120m/min, The Max. Rotating Speed is 100r/min, The Max Acceleration is 0.8G. It can cut 3.5 Φ6 round holes at a high speed in 1 second. It has strong power and good skills.


Multi-touch operating system

The third-generation pipe cutting system developed by EETO, multi-touch pipe cutting system, is easy to use and quick to use; fingertip touch, flexible switching, support for floating assist touch; upgrade parts library, zero programming to speed up debugging and proofing; Built-in pipe diagram, no need to draw, easy to obtain high-quality finished products; Nearly 100+ pipe jogging technologies support superb pipe splicing, simplify the subsequent cutting process, and operate industrial equipment as fun and easy as playing with a mobile phone.


Conical Pointed Cutting Head


Swift avoidance, easy to cut tubes of all shapes;

Tightly sealed to protect internal opticators from pollution; 

Centering alignment, cam focusing, modular design, more accurate and easy to repair..(professional laser tube cutting machine)


Full-automatic Loading System

Cut and prepare residual tubes synchronously, start loading instantly after cutting, only 19s required, and save labor costs.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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