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Auto Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel

EETO-FLX Series is one of the most hot-sale model nowadays.It designed with double working table and full cover protection,so it's very suitable for the customers who have high requirement for work efficiency and personal safety.It also very suitable for equipping auto-loading device to make the whole cutting system more automation and labour-free.

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EETO-FLX Series High quality CNC fiber laser cutting machine for Metal Artwork cutting,widely used in electrical equipment, kitchen, elevator, advertising signs, autodecoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, metal products and other industries.


  • The laser beam is relayed to the cutting head through fiber optic cable without any loss. You can get a superior cutting accuracy and quality.

  • With low power consumption, it is user-friendly as well as environmentally efficient.

  • A convenient system for releasing slags and materials.Automatic dual palette swaps hydraulic shuttle system.

  • Work area illumination for standard view.

  • Cutting of all related types - mild steel, copper, and aluminum and brass materials is possible.


Machine Body Processing

1.Our machine body adopt high precision milling

EETO adopt large gantry miling machine,error under 0.01mm/m,which comply with international standard ensuring parallelism and perpendicularity

2.Every machine body will do annealing

Each of our machine is strictly in accordance with the annealing process to eliminate the internal stress of the mechanical connection, so that the machine body is firmer and not easily deformed.

3.Make sand blasting before paint

Ensure that the surface coating does not fade, change color or crack within 5-10 years.


Bochu Nesting Software

The general choice of more than 400 laser cutting machine manufacturers.

Graphics processing does not require programming and is simple and easy to operate.



 Main Configuration


Raycus laser generator

Raycus lasers continue to catch up with IPG in high-end applications, and their popularity and market usage are widely praised and favored by customers.

Raycus Laser launched an industrial-grade single-module 12 kW fiber laser with 100% independent research and development of optical components, breaking through technical barriers.


    Raytools cutting head

The Raytools laser cutting head is made in Switzerland, but it is highly evaluated in the market. It is superior to the previous cutting heads in terms of stability and sealing.

Raytools laser cutting head is a product worthy of everyone's trust!

Electrical cabinet

Electrical Cabinet


Hanli water chiller


Yaskawa Servo Drive

 Other Main Components

CSK1CSK Linear Guide


KH Rack and Pinion



Hanli Water Chiller 





Every buyer has such a question. It is also used to cut metal sheets. What is the difference between the FLX series and other models of laser cutting machines? Here is the answer you want.

1. Full protective cover

One of the most concerned issues of European customers is whether the laser cutting machine can meet the import standards and whether it can guarantee the safety of the operators. FLX series can meet these requirements.

Compared with the open laser cutting machine, this cutting machine has a protective cover, and the cutting head part works inside the protective cover, and the beam emitted during cutting will not harm the operator.

laser cutting machine

Full protective cover laser cutting machine

open type cutting machine

Fully open laser cutting machine


The laser cutting machine with protective cover is more in line with European import standards, and has higher requirements for personal protection and higher safety.

Strengthen protective measures: Add light curtain alarm system.

If the customer wants higher safety protection, you can add a light curtain. When people enter the range of the light curtain, an alarm will be issued and the machine will stop cutting, providing double personal safety protection!

2.Exchange working table 

For companies with large processing demand and metal products processing, it is necessary to save processing time.

This EETO-FLX series has two workbenches. The front workbench is for cutting plates, and the back workbench can be loaded by colleagues. After the material processing of the front workbench is completed, the back workbench can be swapped to the front immediately. To cut, there is no need to stop the machine to load and pick up the cut material.

It greatly saves working time and improves work efficiency, so it is widely welcomed by the market and customers.


Exchange table fiber laser cutting machine

single table laser cutting machine

Single table fiber laser cutting machine

Features: save time and can process more materials.

Therefore, customers who have high requirements for safety protection, large processing volume and no shortage of funds can choose this laser cutting machine.


Techancal Parameters:

Processing Are

3000mm X 1500mm/Customized size availabl

Laser Power

1000W-6000W / 8000W-15000W

Position Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Power Supply

380V 50Hz/380V 60Hz/220V 60Hz

Total Power Consumption


Note: For more parameter information, please consult sales or customer service.

Maximum Cutting Capacity:

Cutting parameters

Note: This cutting parameter is for reference only, and the latest data is subject to the company's provision.

Cutting Sample:

1mm SS

1mm stainless steel

6mm CS

6mm carbon steel


Brass cutting


8mm aluminum plate cutting holes

Note: You can send materials for proofing to check whether the cutting effect meets your requirements.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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