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1000W~6000W High-quality Laser Cutting Machine

EETO-FLS series 1000W~6000W optical fiber laser cutting machine, the main body of laser machine tool adopts traditional process for toughening, welding and heat treatment. Surface treatment, high-precision rail surface processing, to avoid laser equipment in the high-speed operation process vibration.
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Product Description

FLS 3015 Series Single Table Fiber Laser Sheet Cutting Machine

Maximum power up to 15000W and maximum cutting thickness up to 40mm

You can see the cutting effect intuitively

High-end standards to meet your special needs, with CE certificate and power testing, high processing accuracy, fast speed, long service life, no need to worry about after-sales warranty.


front face of cutting machine


cutter side

As one of the most popular thermal cuts, EETO laser cutters have the following advantages:

1.Good cutting  quality and fast cutting speed.

2.Heavy -duty structure machine body ensures the long-term stability of the equipment.

3.Open type design,more flexible space utilization.

4.Ultra-large format cutting,suitable for multiple sheets typesetting and processing processing at the same time.

5.Widely used in large-scale engineering vehicle industry, bridge industry,shipbuilding industry and other heavy industry tools.

Application Industry and Applicable materials:

Product Name EETO Metal Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  (New Model)
Laser Source IPG, Raycus (Optional)
Total Weight 5 Tons
Cutting Area 3000*1500mm, 4000*1500mm, 5000*1500mm, 6000*1500mm, etc.
Processing Materials Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, etc. (The high reflective material is not suit for volume production.)
Application Industrial Advertising, Home appliance, Sheet Metal Processing, Crafts, Elevator Manufacturing, Kitchenware, Hardware, Instrumentation, Packaging Industrial etc

Why choose EETO?

See the main configuration of EETO fiber laser cutting machine:


laser source/german IPG

For the most important part of the iaser cutting machine.iPG Photonics is the leading developer and

manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets.


Cutting head /swiss raytool

For the second important part of the laser cutting machine. Raytools laser cutting head has become the most popular choice in the current China market. Due to cost-effective and high performance in laser cutting industry.


ServoMotor/ Delta China 

Delta servo motor, Its quality decide the stability of laser cutting machine. Delta offering the most effective motors. Delta's customized, energy- efficient solutions help clients save money and reduce system losses.

You are welcome to consult for more configuration details


Gear & Rack/ TaiwnYYC


Linear guide/German roust


voltage stabilizer/China fato


If you want to win the hearts of customers, you must feel the same way with customers. This is the long-term belief of EETO, which insists on doing products with heart, thinking of customers and creating customers' needs.

 Package and Delivery:
Package and delivery are very important parts in after-sales service.  We faced different import policy and complicated shipping situation, so we learned from our abundant sea shipping experiences and provide all-round service to make sure our products arrive safely. For packaging, we make sure:

1. We use wooden cases that meet international export standard;
2. The whole machine and parts are well packed and  fixed inside of the wooden case without moving or sliding;
3. All the motion parts are lubricated and covered with film to avoid direct air contact and thus prevent getting rust;
4. The wooden cases will be covered with waterproof cloth to prevent rain drops or sea water from entering the wooden case.

 Considerate Warranty and Efficient Maintenance:
EETO company committed to customers that the equipment has one-year warranty and life-long maintenance. During the warranty period, if the device breakdown or parts damage(except human factors and force majeure), our company will repair it and change the parts(except consumable parts) for free. EETO company will visit all the customer several times annually and provide technical support at any times. The spare parts can also be provided by us in a long-term.
EETO company is committed to all the customers: After-sales Service response time will within 2 hours. Once we get the phone call from the customer, the service engineer will give specific response or reach the buyer site within 24 hours.


Machine Packaging and Transportation

Group photos of customers from all over the word

Group photos of customers from all over the word

cutter sample

The surface of cut sample is smooth and free of burrs



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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