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1000W-6000W Fast Laser Cutting Machine for Sheet Metal

EETO FLS 3015series fast laser cutting machine for sheet metal  is a fully automatic optical fiber laser cutting machine with high safety factor, exquisite cutting technology and high quality launched by eeto laser equipment Co., Ltd.
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Product Description

EETO FLS series fast laser cutting machine because it has a variety of unique cutting advantages and affordable, and is popular with customers from all walks of life.

fiber laser cutting machine FLS-3015

Why EETO FLS Series?

what are the cutting advantages of it?

  1. ETO FLS series cutting plate has high precision, fast speed, small heat-affected area, and smooth cutting surface without burr;

   2. When cutting, the laser cutting head will not touch the material and scratch the workpiece;

   3. The processing elasticity is good, and it can process any pattern, including special-shaped materials;

   4. Can cut steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy and other materials of any hardness will not     deform the material.

Application comparison

Process name
Slit Deformation Accuracy Circular change Speed Cost
Laser cutting small0.1-0.3 small high0.2mm more easy faster higher
Plasma Cutting small larger high1mm more easy fast lower
Water cutting larger small high easy fast higher

We Designed The Most Strong Stucture


20211230133708--Machine body is important as 'Skeleton 'as human body,EETO adopts pipe-plate and multiple pipe welding structuer

--For reinforcing our machine body ,we also adopt triangle structure

Our machine body adopt high precision milling


Oatum plane milling is very important for

 installation and running accuracy of motion parts,

 eeto adopt large gantry milling machine, error

 under 0.01mm/m,which comply with international

 standard ensuring parallelism and perpendicularity

 Each of our machine bed wellstrictly comply with annealing process.

 Machine bed well be heated to 550℃ within 4 hours, the whole processing is totally enclosed.

 Make sand blasting before paint

fiber laser cutting machine FLS-3015--Sand blasting helps paint attach more closely to the surface of machine bed ,and avoid metal surface from getting rust

Note:without sand blasting, the paint of the machine would start to drop 1 or 2 years later, 3 year later the looks of the machine will change greatly especially in rough working environment(Acidic or salty air /smoke)

Cut sample

Cut sample



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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