Why Choose EETO-FLX GII 3015 Series?

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Why Choose EETO-FLX GII 3015 Series?

Brief introduction of EETO

EETO Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional laser machine manufacturer in Wuhan, the ‘Optical Valley’ and source of laser in China.

With our technologies and experiences growing for years, we have already put in market low/medium/high power fiber laser cutting machine,CO2 laser cutting & engracing machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine

About Us

As a ‘Serious & Reliable’ laser product manufacturer, EETO are dedicated to the application of laser tech, and bring most reliable and competitive laser products to clients. Here we focus on:


Except for laser, EETO are also engaged in sheet metal field, making our best efforts to bring complete solutions and most suitable products to our clients, which saves their time, energy and money.

Why Choose EETO-FLX GII 3015 Series?

Elevation Type Exchanging Table

We adopt the most advanced elevation  type design for the Exchanging Table, and combined the electrical and pneumatic control in one system, with this structure we have improved a lot for the exchanging efficiency and working stability, what’s more, this kind of design is more convenient for the maintenance and repairing.


Elevation  type exchanging table can help make the two different working table get a same cutting performance, because it made the Z Axis’operating stroke same for the two working table. And we use high precision milling machine to process the exchanging pathway and the connection side of two working table, the whole exchanging process will be quiet and stable.


Precitec Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head

FLX-GII series laser cutting machine adopt the best laser cutting head brand Precitec, and this model called pro-cutter, which has a small motor inside, to control the focus lens change its location when the cutting proceed to the different depth. And because of this function the piercing of the machine can be controlled within 0.24 second. And the piercing quality will be also improved a lot.


Equipment Installation

The seller is responsible for installation, commissioning and delivery, the consumed materials and work pieces that needed for commissioning are to be borned by the buyer, special materials used by the machine are to be borned by the seller. The buyer is required to assist in following

The buyer is required to do the preparatory works in accordance with the foundation drawing, user self-preparation list and equipment working conditions that provided by the buyer.

The buyer is responsible for unloading and placing of the machine at installation site, the seller is responsible for the installation, commissioning and training.

The buyer is require to provide the conventional tools for installation and commissioning.

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