Parameter setting of fiber laser cutter

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Parameter setting of fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting parameters include beam parameters, wavelength cutting speed, power, gas cutting, etc. Laser cutting analyzes the cutting quality and cutting efficiency separately, and analyzes the impact of different types, but through the combination of laser cutting to achieve the various parameters required for the best configuration, different factories will According to the cost structure, quality and efficiency are paid special attention to and weighed to a certain extent.

Beam parameters

These are parameters that characterize the properties of the laser beam and include the wavelength, power and intensity, beam quality and polarization. Prior to significant heating of the workpiece, the incident laser beam is reflected, scattered and absorbed in proportions determined by the wavelength of the irradiation, the state of polarization of the laser beam,the angle of incidence and the optical properties of the surface.


Reflectivity of metallic materials to laser light is a function of laser wavelength whereby metals are highly reflective to long infrared wavelengths (CO2 laser wavelength) than the shorter infrared wavelengths (Nd:YAG laser wavelength). An Nd:YAG beam can be focused to a smaller diameter than a CO2 laser beam, providing more accuracy, a narrower kerf width and low surface roughness. Figure 1 shows the absorption phenomena of some frequently used metals over a range of different laser wavelengths.

Cutting speed

Laser head can move along the part shape in unit time. The higher the laser cutting speed and the shorter the cutting time, the higher the laser cutting production efficiency. However, when other parameters are fixed, the laser cutting speed is not linearly related to the cutting quality. A reasonable cutting speed is a range value. Below this range value, the energy of the laser beam remains too much on the surface of the part to cause excessive combustion. If the range value is exceeded, the energy of the laser beam is too late to completely melt the part material, resulting in The cut is impenetrable.

Laser output power

The laser output power is the output energy of the laser system, and laser cutting represents the ability of the laser beam to melt materials per unit time.

The pressure of the auxiliary gas

An incision is formed in the gap. Proper air pressure can help speed up the laser cutting speed, and the auxiliary gas pressure also affects the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutter. If the thickness of the laser cutting material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately reduced. Cutting with lower air pressure can prevent frosting.

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