Laser cutter and engraving machine doesn’t Work

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It has been frequently reported that a Co2 laser engraving machine does not work. Why my laser cutting machine doesn’t work? Why my laser cutting machine has no laser coming out? Now EETO Laser would like to instruct you how to solve this problem.

Here below are some common problems that may be encountered during your daily usage of laser cutting machine.

  • 1.Check the laser tube can give out light or not. You can just check the tube’s mouth for the light go out.

  • 2.When you find that the laser tube normally emits light, you should check the mirror and lens to see if the light path is ok or not. You can use “Bursting” button for testing this.

  • 3.If you find that the laser tube cannot emits light, you should check if the water cycle is ok or not, such as the connection of the chiller is right or not, or the water chiller’s pipe is blocked or not.

  • 4. If the water chiller’s recycling is ok, you should check if the indicator light of the laser power supply is on or off, if the fan in the laser power supply is opened or not, if the laser power supply’s indicator light and fan of the laser power supply works well or not, 3.After ensuring that they just do not work, you should replace the laser source.

  • 5. If only the laser tube cannot emit light while other parts all run well, then basically you can ensure the problem lies in laser tube, so all you need is to change a new laser tube.

Anyway, if you don’t want to get this problem regularly, you only need to buy a good quality laser cutting machine, then EETO Laser will be one of your best choice! 

As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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