Is Fiber laser cutting the Best Solution for Your Application?

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Is Fiber laser cutting the Best Solution for Your Application?


Laser cutting is mainly a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localised area. A co-axial gas jet is used to eject the molten material and create a kerf. A continuous cut is produced by moving the laser beam or workpiece under CNC control. There are three major varieties of laser cutting: fusion cutting, flame cutting and remote cutting.

Laser cutting machines are a tool used in a wide range of industries for precision cutting and designing projects.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting the Right Solution for Your Application?

Fiber laser cutting is often used in engineering for the precision cutting of components of machines. For industrial applications, a laser cutting machine is often used to cut structural and piping materials and flat sheet material such as metal.

Fiber laser systems have established their capability to cut metals at high quality and accommodate intricate geometries of parts, which are challenging to other processes. However, when it comes to final decision to use a fiber laser cutting machine for their project, customers usually focus on the additional aspects that are specific to their case, including is a specific system is able to handle their parts’ tolerances and the question on if it is economical to use a specific fiber laser systems to product their parts.

Is Fiber Laser Cutting Economically Viable for Your Next Project?

The capital costs and running costs of cutting processes are very different. Given the high speed and reliability of fiber lasers, and depending on the dosage of sheet metal cutting, they typically come ahead of other processes in terms of cost per part. In addition, fiber lasers have made economical parts that were not possible before (when using older generation of lasers or any other technique.)

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