How to do alignment in fiber laser cutter

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How to do alignment in fiber laser cutter

Adjustment of optical path is always the first step if there is no part broken. Alignment is also an important step in adjustment of optical path.

Following problems may be encountered if the operator changes the laser head setting or hits the laser head:

  • When laser focuses on the nozzle, making it extremely hot.

  • When cut a square, the cutting edge is not identical.

  • The cutting surface will be incline for thick plate.

All above problems may occur when the alignment is not good. Many other manufacturers do not provide training on how to do adjustment of optical path or do not conduct training in the right way, so that customers don’t know how to adjust the laser. In order to help the customers who have not bought our laser machine before, we would like to show you how to do adjustment of the optical path, especially on how to do the alignment. (Earnest promise: EETO team will provide full training for customers who bought EETO’s fiber laser cutting machine)

Let’s take Raytools laser cutting head for reference(In fact other laser heads are similar):


                                    Laser Head

First of all, please using a piece of scotch tape get the laser


Then adjust the screw as follow for the above results:

Result 1:

Anticlockwise adjust A&B.

Result 2:

Anticlockwise adjust A and Clockwise adjust B.

Result 3:

Anticlockwise adjust B.(Mainly adjust B)

Result 4:

Anticlockwise adjust A.(Mainly adjust A)


Result 5:

Clockwise adjust A&B.

Result 6:

Clockwise adjust A and Anticlockwise adjust B.

Result 7:

Clockwise adjust B.(Mainly adjust B)

Result 8:

Clockwise adjust A.(Mainly adjust A)

After using this way adjust the laser point into the middle of the circle, then the alignment is finished.

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