How to deal with your old YAG laser machine

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How to deal with your old YAG laser machine


YAG laser cutting machine had its golden period roughly from 2008 to 2013. However, with extensive application of fiber laser cutting machine since 2013, many customers planed to replace their old YAG machine.

But how will customers deal with their old YAG laser machine if it gets some problems? Generally, they will have the following three options:
(1)Buy a new fiber laser cutting machine while not selling the old YAG laser machine.
(2)Sell the old YAG machine and buy a new fiber laser cutting machine.
(3)Fix the problems and keep using it.

A majority of customers are troubled by this situation. For customers who select the first option, a pretty high finance pressure will be encountered. For the second option, they will have to sell the YAG laser machine at a price that is less than 1/3 of the original purchase price. For the third option, which is the worst situation we think, the customers have to undertake the money and time to fix a backward laser machine.…

Here is a good news for all customers suffering from this issue. If you have a old YAG laser machine and cannot bear it, you just need update it to fiber! We will help you change the light path, control system, laser cutting head and chiller! By this way you can still retain most parts of your old YAG while have a normal function of fiber laser machine, which not only saves your cost greatly but also enhances your production efficiency significantly! EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first company putting up with this solution in China and has achieved a lot of successful cases! Now EETO Laser is promoting this brilliant solution for customers with such need from all over the world. Please check the follow video to see how updating a 800W YAG laser cutting machine into a 1000W Fiber laser cutting machine:

Do you get trouble with your old YAG laser cutting machine? Please contact us and let us update it into a fiber laser cutting. In one word, you will spend the least money to own a fiber laser cutting machine.

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