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High Quality Elevator Manufacturing Laser Cutting Machine FLS Series

High quality elevator manufacturing laser cutting machine FLS series. It is widely used in elevator manufacturing industry and other industries.If you want to win the hearts of customers, you must feel the same way with customers. This is the long-term belief of EETO, which insists on doing products with heart, thinking of customers and creating customers' needs.
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Product Description

Basic information
Product Description

This high-quality laser cutting machine for elevator manufacturing is one of the EETO FLS series. In the elevator manufacturing industry, it can accurately cut the set graphics. Compared with the traditional YAG laser cutting machine, the cutting surface is smooth and flat without burrs, and there is no need for secondary processing. At the same time, efficiency is improved. The first choice for cutting metal, please check EETO Laser for cutting machine

FLS 3015 series 8000W

Advantages of laser cutting machine:

① high precision, high speed, narrow cutting seam, minimum heat affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burr;

② The laser cutting head will not contact the material surface and scratch the workpiece;

③ The slit is the narrowest, the heat affected zone is the smallest, the local deformation of the workpiece is minimal, and there is no mechanical deformation;

④ Good processing flexibility, can process any graphics, and can also cut pipes and other special-shaped materials;

⑤ It can cut steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide and other materials with any hardness without deformation.

laser source IPG

laser source/german IPG

For the most important part of the iaser cutting machine.iPG Photonics is the leading developer and

manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets.

water chiller/ China Hanli

Water Chiller/ China Hanli

Water chiller keep laser machines running consistently. As laser source is the most important and expensive part of cutting machine. Water chillier is indispensable to prolong the

lifetime of laser source.

For more product configurations and details, welcome to consult ~

Packaging  transportation and delivery 

The products shall be packed, delivered and transported in strict accordance with international export standards, and the whole process shall be closed without air contact. You are at ease. We are at ease.

Surface Cleaning

Guide Lubricating And Covering

Wooden and Vacuum Packing

First Step:Surface Cleaning Step 2: Guide Lubricating And Covering Step 3: Wooden and Vacuum Packing

Over-all Packing

Loading On Transport Vehicle


Step 4: Over-all Packing Step 5: Loading On Transport Vehicle       Step 6: Shipping


Our Services

After-sales Service

①Based on the service-oriented concept, we provide customers with the most complete pre-sales and after-sales services (such as installation, testing, training, maintenance, etc.).

②Before signing the contract, we will patiently explain the equipment parameters and processing technology to customers, so that customers can fully understand the products

③After signing the contract, we will arrange transport vehicles or ships to transport the goods to the designated place within the delivery time, and then arrange engineers to install on site.

④Our engineers will be trained on site for 3-4 days until all operations can be carried out perfectly under the specified conditions.

⑤And we promise to visit customers once a year. During the visit, we will help customers with machine maintenance, operation and improve operation skills.

Our promises:24 hours on-line service and response time less than 2 hours

Company Information

As a 'Serious&Reliable' laser product manufacturer, EETO are dedicated to the application of laser tech, and bring most reliable and competitive laser products to clients.

Our Customers:

EETO are delicated to bringing best laser products to the world-wide customers, we are establishing up our sales network and network of distributors, now we have close contact with many clients from a great many countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, Macedonia, Canada, U.S. Mexico, , Brazil, Argentina.... welcome to work with EETO, and WELCOME TO JOIN US!

Customer receptionCustomer reception

Communicate with customers



we explain the products to the customers carefullywe explain the products to the customers carefully


Q: What's the working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Our standard working area is 3000*1500mm.But we can also do customized sizes as request.

Q: What's the laser power of our fiber laser cutting machine? A: Now our standard laser power include 300W, 500W, 700W,1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W , 6000W and 8000W

Q: What materials can we cut? What's the cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut most metal materials, but generally used for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel. Cutting thickness is from 0.5mm to 28mm according to different laser power.

Q: How to install the fiber laser cutting machine?

A: We will send our technician to customer's factory for machine installation,commissioning and training.

Q: What are consumables of fiber laser cutting machine?

A: Generally include protection lens, cutting nozzle and ceramic body.

Q: If we need to cut work-piece with different height, is it available?

A: Yes, it can cut work pieces with different height.The focus length can be adjusted automatically.

Q: Can we cut both sheet plate and pipe in one machine?

A: Yes,our sheet and pipe laser cutting machine can do that.

Q: What's the delivery time?

A: Generally speaking,lead time is 30~50 working days after deposite received.



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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