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Gained over 50% new customers because of laser cutting quality improvement

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Investment Returns

Saves 100+KW of power in one month.

Gained 50% new customers because of laser cutting quality improvement.

Only his factory can both cut sheet plate and pipe in local market.

Client Information

Location: Jiang Su, China

Customer: Mr.Chou, CEO

Business type: Metal sheet & pipe fabrication factory

Main products: Stainless steel screen, SS electric telescopic door, etc.


As per our business processes, our journey with Mr. Chou began with a comprehensive and detailed discussion of what they had been using and why they needed a better solution. According to Mr. Chou, his company has been using a traditional shearing machine and manual drilling processes for the past few years.

“Our growing demand and booming business require much more efficiency integrated into our operations. Now we need another new laser metal cutting machine that could boom our stainless steel fabrication business. ”Mr.Chou said.


Mr. Chou had the following expectations from the machine:

  • Capability of cutting both stainless steel sheets and pipes (mostly square tubes).

  • High cutting efficiency and performance.

  • The machinery could be placed correctly in our factory because of space limited, the width only ups to 3.5 meters.

Their Questions & Concerns

  • Is the fiber laser machine very hard to operate expertly?

  • What is your training and installation service time?

  • How many days will it take to acquire the local after-sales service? Will you respond quickly?

The EETO Solution

1. Model selection: EETO-FLSP4015-6000. One machine with two functions; Sheet cutting size: 4000*1500 to match the max length of 3.5m products; Pipe cutting length: 6 meters to match raw material size.

2. Customer’s factory workpiece layout redesign.

3. Complete local training , installaton, after sales service.

First, laser machine selection.

Since we know the competition is intense in their local stainless steel process market. We do research, analysis and find out that no one can both cut sheet and pipe in one machine finally. Then we make a totally customized sheet and pipe fiber laser cutter solution FLSP4015 which can help his business model outstanding in the local market, that’s to say, nothing in common.

You might also wanna ask why FLSP4015 not FLSP3015? Since our customer business is for sheet and tube cutting, so the FLSP series is the solution. And then, the whole space width in the factory is only 3.5meter, but sometimes there is 4 meters of metal material cutting, so we believe FLSP4015, the cutting area 4000mmx1500mm is the best solution.

Secondly, local training and installation, operation service.

We made a complete training solution from the start of learning how to install the machine for half a month to the end of operation skilled use in his factory for 10 days.

Thirdly, unique redesign and replace the factory workpiece layout

Our service engineer went to the local factory and found out that all of the machines like shearing, bending are placed non-properly. So we redesign the layout, re-arrange all kinds of processing flow and re-place the machine properly.

Investment Returns
  • The machine fits perfectly in limited space.

  • Laser cutting machine allows the product designer to be more efficient and produce designs faster.

  • User-friendly functions allow operators to handle the machine with one week of training.

  • Energy-saving. Saves 100+KW of power in one month.

  • Customer satisfaction. Gained 50% new customers because of laser cutting quality improvement.

  • Gives Mr. Chou’s company the edge of being the only factory to cut both sheet plate and pipe. This accelerates growth for his stainless steel electric telescopic door, screen, and safeguards door cutting business.

As our belief, small details make big differences! 
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