FLW Series Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

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FLW Series Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

What is laser welding

Laser welding technology is now widely employed to expand or upgrade laser industries, especially when working work laser marking and laser cutting.Laser welding is capable of welding tasks beyond the capability of traditional welding methods. TIG and MIG welding have long been recognized as good choices for welding small components because of their excellent finish. However, such traditional welding methods require skill and dexterity, and despite their controllability, may suffer from several disadvantages. Laser welding is an excellent substitute that frequently outperforms arc welding processes, and its tightly focused beam limits heating effects.

The application industry of handheld laser welding machine

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel sheet, copper, aluminum alloy, gold, silver, chromium, nickel, titanium, tantalum and other metals or alloys, and also for welding between various dissimilar materials.

Widely used in precision instruments, electronic components, home appliances, medical equipment, mobile phone communications, mobile phone parts, computer shells, sinks, stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products, vacuum insulation cups, sensors, mold parts, safes, power distribution boxes, stainless steel products, Aluminum products, copper products, alloy materials, watches and glasses, jewelry and jewelry, hardware components and other indus

FLW Series Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine


Product Characteristics

  • The first integrated cabinet in China,which integrates laser,water chiller and software control,has the unique advantages of small area,convenient movement and strong functionality.

  • Hand-held operation mode,special welding nozzles can be assembled to weld workpieces an any position and an any angle.

  • Matching various laser sources ,suitable for a variety of process requirements of workpieces,welding once forming,basically no deformation,to meet the requirements of high-quality products.

  • Beautiful weld,no weld scar ,no discoloration,no need for follow-up grinding.

  • The welding is firm and the strength of the weld reaches or even exceeds the base metal itself.

  • It is suitable for tailor welding,overlay welding,fillet welding,arc welding,irrgular shape welding,etc.

  • The whole set of equipment has strong function,meets ergonomic design,and is suitable for various working environment scenarios.

  • The exclusive laser safety operation protection function ensures the safety of operators during their work.

  • It is easy to operate,easy to learn,quick to start,low technical threshold for operators,and saves labor costs.

Application Scope

FLW Series is widely used in kitchen and sanitary industy,household appliances industry,advertising industry, die industry,stainless steel products industry,stainless steel engineering industry,doors and windows industry,handicraft industry,household goods industry,forniture industry,automobile parts industry,etc.

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