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Economical And Efficient Laser Cutting Machine FLS-30154000W

EETO fiber laser cutting machine FLS3015 laser. The main focus is high quality, high efficiency, low cost, what the customer wants to create what the customer needs, and research and development of every product.
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Product Description

Economical And Efficient Laser Cutting Machine FLS-30154000WClick here to edit your content.

Product Description

Packaging & Shipping

Package and shipping are of great important part in aftersales service,  we provide all-round and complete services to customer to make sure your products arrive safely without damages. For packaging.
1. We use wooden cases that meet international export standard
2. All the motion parts are lubricated  and covered with firm to avoide direct air contact and thus prevent getting rust.
3. The whole machine and parts are well packed and  fixed inside of the wooden case without moving or sliding inside.
4. The inner space of the wooden case will be made into vaccum to keep dry and the plywood case will be covered with waterproof cloth to stop rain drops or sea water from entering the wooden case


surface cleaning


guide lubricating and covering


wooden and vacuum packing


over-all packing


loading on transport vehicle



Our Services

After-sales Service

1. Based on Service-oriented conception, complete pre-

微信图片_20211221102218sales and after-sales services for customers will be provided like installation, testing, training and maintenance.
2. Before signing a contract, parameters and processing technics will be explained and given to customers to make product fully comprehended.

3. After signing a contract, transport vehicle or ship will be arranged to carry goods to the appointed location within delivery period, and engineers will be sent on site later for installation, lasting 1-2 days.

4. Training period takes about 3-4 days till all the operations are perfectly performed under regulations.

Power-on/off procedures
Operations of control panel ;
Parameter setup
Operations of software; Clean and maintenance
Common hardware troubleshooting; Warnings during operation.

Company Information

We are dedicated and committed to represent the highest quality in equipment and customer service.

EETO Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions for users all over the world

At present, Wuhan EETO Laser has global marketing and service network.

In the field of metal laser cutting, we have built close cooperation and technical exchanges with Wuhan Raycus Optical Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., British SPI Laser Company and Germany IPG Laser Company. From small power fiber cutting machine to high-power fiber cutting machine and intelligent laser robot products are all available now, and the function is maturing, product quality and standards meet Europe and the United States quality standards.

Our laser equipment have been exported to the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan and many other countries and regions, and specially set up import and export business department to provide value-added services, equipment supporting facilities solutions.

Wuhan EETO Laser will continue to occupy the market with innovation, to win the future with confidence; Not only in-depth to strengthen our core products and competitiveness, but also constantly improve the company′s talent development and optimization of technological innovation mechanism; Through the country ′ And ′to introduce, go out′ under the national macroeconomic strategy, to meet new opportunities and rise to the new occasions, to turn the laser into a new card of China!
Honor of EETO

EETO Glory



Q: What's working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Our standard size: 3000*1500mm,  also there are  4000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, and 6000*2000mm for option.

Q: What's the laser power of your fiber laser cutting machine?
A:  We have laser power from 300-4000w, able to different metals with varied thickness
1. Low power 300W, 500W, 700W, 750W, 1000W, which cut metals lower than 10mm
2. Medium power 1500W, 2000W, able to cut steels up to 16mm
3. High power 3000W and 4000W, extending cutting capability to 25mm

Q: What materials can we cut? What's cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut  metal materials, including carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/galvanized sheet, but high reflective materials are restricted to be cut with fiber fiber, like brass/silver/bronze, if you have such material to cut, please connect us for professional advice
B: Cutting thickness from 0.5mm to 25mm according to different laser power.

For better choosing a suitable product, please let us know the following information:                      

Cut sample:

thin to thick

thin to thick


flowers and birds

flowers and birds









As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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