EETO Laser's multiple sets of laser cutting machines shipped to all over the world

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EETO Laser's multiple sets of laser cutting machines shipped to all over the world

Recently, several sets of EETO Laser's cutting machines were assembled and shipped from EETO Laser's intelligent production base and sent to all over the world. The equipment shipped covers sheet metal laser cutting machine, tube laser cutting machine, plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine and other models. This is another large-scale centralized batch shipment of EETO laser, and a strong proof that the quality and quality performance of EETO laser equipment are recognized by users.


In recent years, the competition in the domestic laser equipment market has become increasingly fierce, and EETO Laser's sales news has been frequently spread, thanks to years of in-depth research and innovative technology precipitation of the equipment. With its excellent cutting level of high speed, high precision, high stability and the technical advantages of precision welding, as well as a very high cost performance, it is sold well in more than 150 countries. It is well recognized by domestic and foreign customers.


EETO Laser production lines are manufactured in strict accordance with the norms and standards of the manufacturing quality control system, and adhere to the application technology-oriented. Laser Welding machine, laser cleaning machine and other product series, while driving industrial upgrading with technological innovation, grasping the development trend of laser processing technology, and successively launching a series of laser equipment in line with industrial processing, to help the metal processing industry to flourish.


As a global manufacturer of intelligent laser equipment, EETO Laser insists on application-oriented, constantly absorbs advanced manufacturing experience at home and abroad, improves product development capability, innovates and develops high-end intelligent processing equipment, and achieves leapfrog development in equipment performance and cutting efficiency. The developed and strict production quality inspection standards make the equipment have reliability and higher performance standards. At present, laser equipment is widely used in industries such as automobile sheet metal, chassis and cabinet, storage equipment, metal products, advertising and decoration, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, elevator parts, medical equipment, electrical kitchenware, etc.


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