Daily Maintenance Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Daily Maintenance Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In order to ensure the normal use of the fiber laser cutting machine. It is necessary to carry out daily maintenance of the equipment, mastering the operation essentials of the equipment, you can easily cut the workpiece effect you want, and extend the life of the laser cutting machine.Here are some tips for daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine.

Ensure the air sources are clean
Laser cutting machines use assist gases like oxygen, nitrogen, or shop air, to facilitate cutting. Most of the fabricators choose shop air as the assist gas as it has the fastest processing speed. It is used to cut various metals like stainless steel, aluminum sheets, mild steel, etc. While using shop air as assist gas, the compressed air shouldn’t be impure and needs to be moisture free. To ensure this, the lines should always be clean and proper air pressure and air filtration should be maintained. The compressed air source and the lines should be a part of the regular maintenance routine as it can affect the performance, productivity, and working life of the machine.

Keep reviewing your chiller performance
You must make it a habit to keep a check on the chiller’s temperature gauge. Disparity in the temperature of the machine during operations can lead to poor performance. The resonator might get damaged in extreme cases. Though newer technology is much easier to look after, still you should regularly clean the condenser coils and filters. Many of the chillers require additives and chemicals, so make it a routine to do the needful at proper intervals.

Ensure proper gas delivery
There’s little to see here until you witness a leak or the hose pops off but there are times when leaks go unnoticed and this might affect the machine’s performance. As a precaution, you should apply soap water to the resonator gas bottles every time they are changed. It lets you know of any leaks much before it affects your productivity.

Check your machine’s optics

After any kind of maintenance done with the machine optics, you should ensure that they are returned to OEM specifications or it might affect the quality of your machine’s work by adversely affecting the beam quality, cutting performance, and optic life.

Keep your machine clean
Very obvious but as much important is to keep your equipment clean. If you don’t look after the delicate parts of your machine, it might put its hands down much before the expected time. Processing areas, slugs, scrap drawers, support slats, pallet ways, etc. should be kept clean of any kind of debris, grease, or dust as a dirty machine can affect its consistency and overall productivity.

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