Crucial role of after-sales service

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Crucial role of after-sales service

Most after-sales support involves a guarantee, warranty, upgrade or repair service. It is designed to assist the customer in using the product correctly, which could generate repeat customers, ensure customer satisfaction and develop brand loyalty among customers:

Why EETO Laser after-sales service is reliable?
At the beginning of pre-sales, we will provide a solution tackle the problem intensively concerned by the customer. After sale, we will provide a comprehensive after-sales service for our customers, including following aspects

1.Quick response to online enquiries.

We will reply you as soon as possible in 2 hours on the work time, if there is time zone difference, we can organize a responsible team group including engineer, sales and manager to support you in your time zone instantly.

2.Provide on-site support is by overseas dispatch of engineers.



Nearly 75% of our professional technical engineers can speak English (especially fluent in terms of laser industry) and hold long term aboard passport. You do not need worrying about languages communication or time waste. 95%of cases are solved remotely by our online support, and the remaining 5% problems can be solved via local training or service

As you know, a laser generator is the most important part of the laser cutting system. If the laser cutting system is equipped with Raycus fiber laser source, our technical engineers have the ability to do the maintenance, which means saves cost and time greatly.

3. Keep a promise for the warranty period

Warranty period: the warranty period will be 1 year since the acceptance qualified date. During warranty, free repair services and parts replacement services (except consumable parts) are included. we promise to keep parts inventory for each part of a machine.

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