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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Aluminum Plates Single Table

EETO-FLSP series include both sheet cutting function and pipe cutting function.And different from the other sheet&pipe laser cutting machine,our pipe cutting exension can out only only round pipe and square pipe,but also oval pipes!
  • FLSP 6015

  • EETO

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EETO-FLSP 1000W metal sheet and tube CNC fiber laser cutting machine

This Stainless steel silver metal tube pipe CNC fiber laser cutting machine has high speed and efficiency.



1.Plate and tube fiber laser cutting combination,one machine dual use;

2.YYC, Taiwan Double Gear and Rack fiber laser cutting machine transmission system, high cutting efficiency;

3.Auto clap,fast speed,save strength,no harm to working piece;

4.Precision rotary,rotate angle precious,cutting in coherence;

5.Small focus dot,small cutting gap,save materials;

6.No dregs,cutting edge smooth as silk,no need second processing,save strength.

Product Description

We connect machine body and pipe cutting area by some metal workpieces,by this way,we can reduce defective percentage,then pipe cutting section can work properly.

flxp (3)

Tube processing: Φ=20-160mm, L=3m, 6m

Usually the diameter is 20-160mm, and large chucks with a diameter of 200-320mm can also be customized

Usually 6m tube is cut, and other lengths such as 9m tube can also be customized

Part of the Configuration Table

Control System Cypcut from Bochu
Servo Motors Delta,Taiwan
Reducer Motoreducer,France
Rack&Pinion KH,Taiwan
Linear Guide CSK,Taiwan
Water Chiller Hanli,China


At present, the components we choose must be able to meet the performance and accuracy requirements.

We will not cooperate with the parts that cause product quality problems in the inspection and cause the machine tool operation and cutting accuracy to fail to meet the requirements, and will not use our machine, although it is relatively cheap.


Raytools Cuting Head

IPG laser source

IPG Laser Generator


CSK Linear Guide


KH Rack and Pinion


Hanli Water Chiller


What is fiber laser cutting machine Application?

Used in sheet metal processing,aviation,aerospace,electronics,electronice,automobies,grain machinery,textile machinery,engineering machinery,precision parts,ships,metallurgical equipment,elevators,househeld appliances,craft gifts,tool processing,decoration,advertising,metal processing,kitchen processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.


Our Services

1. Door to door installation and training.

2. Warranty: 1 year for whole machine 2 year for laser source

Free repair or parts (except consumable parts), replacement without artificial damage . Service charge 200usd/day charged by EETO

3. IPG & Raycus authorization certification (that means our technical person can bring the component to repair machine directly in customers' factory,  no needs to return factory repair, or contact IPG or Raycus technical)

4. Should anything unforeseen ever occur, we will make sure your machine is back up and running again quickly-----At least 1 technical people will be arranged to apply annual visa, they are ready to provide u with post-sales technical support.

5. Small customized design requirements can be satisfied.

6. Response within 2 hours during working hours, 12hours during non-work time.

7. Giving technical guide by email, telephone, whatsapp ,wechat, QQ etc. (accept the bookings online)

8. Visiting customers regularly


11. Detailed english manual and video for your operation and guidance

12. we guarantee after-sales support with effective service coordination from our experienced service engineer.

Company Information

EETO Laser is a professional manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine. We have strict and systematic quality control for each process, from material, production to delivery. We use high-tech precision instruments to measure the accuracy and transmission speed of the machine.

The main tests include track transmission accuracy level test, cutting head vertical test, bed parallel and vertical test, etc. In order to ensure high precision, each equipment has undergone fine milling and high temperature aging treatment, and the structure will not be deformed after long-term use.

To provide customers with tailor-made services to meet different work needs, EETO has established an independent R&D department with 6 professional engineers. EETO will update and innovate regularly.



Q: What's working area of our fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Our standard size: 3000*1500mm,  also there are  4000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, and 6000*2000mm for option.

Q: What's the laser power of your fiber laser cutting machine?
A:  We have laser power from 1000-6000w, 8000w-15000w able to different metals with varied thickness
1. Medium power 1000W, 2000W, 3000W able to cut steels up to 16mm
2. High power 8000W and 15000W, extending cutting capability to 40mm

Q: What materials can we cut? What's cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine?
A: Fiber laser cutting machine can cut  metal materials, including carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/galvanized sheet, but high reflective materials are restricted to be cut with fiber fiber, like brass/silver/bronze, if you have such material to cut, please connect us for professional advice
B: Cutting thickness from 0.5mm to 40mm according to different laser power.  



As our belief, small details make big differences! 
For more details of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.
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