Why Choose EETO Laser Cutting System?

Author    |    eetolaser_admin    |    September 24, 2020

EETO  LASER is a professional trusted manufacturer in  laser cutting systems.Many businesses find that purchasing a used laser cutting system is a great way to increase capacity and to expand their capabilities at a reasonable price. And because well-maintained, pre-owned lasers can still provide many years of service, we are pleased to offer Certified Pre-Owned EETO Lasers for sale at reasonable prices.

laser cutting application


Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, galvanized sheet., etc.

Industry: sheet metal fabrication, electrical cabinet, medical, advertisement, automotive, building., etc.

EETO Laser High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FLX GII, a new-generation industrial-class design, which can adopt high precision transmission components and parts with closed-loop EtherCAT control system ensuring fast and precise cutting.

In addition, our PRECITEC auto-focus laser-cut manageS to reduce the piercing time of thick metal cutting. The advanced elevation type exchange pallet makes it easy to improve working efficiency(fastest 16s), stability and maintenance.

Why Choose EETO Laser Cutting System?

  • Beckhoff closed-loop etherCAT control system ensuring ultra- fast and precise cutting.
  • Adopted high precision transmission components and parts, such as reducer (Alpha), gear and pinion.
  • Complete processing procedures ensuring body long term stability and high positioning accuracy (≤±0.02mm).
  • Max acceleration 1.5G eg. 1mm stainless steel cutting speed 80m/min.
  • Cutting head built-in zoom module, realize the function of collimating module, get 1.2-2.0 times spot diameter, and the focus position is automatically compensated.
  • Partition ventilation system to improve around 70%-80% fume-extracting effectiveness VS other traditional designs.