Glad to share EETO two new fiber laser machines sold in domestic during COVID-19

Author    |    eetolaser_admin    |    March 28, 2020

Good news! This week, as we gradually resume production, on 26 March, two domestic new customers buy EETO Fiber Laser cutting machine FLSP6015-3300W and FLS4015-2000W to grow their stainless steel sheet and pipe process business.

Before sharing this message to all of you-our reliable partner and customers, i want to thank all of you supporting us, that we EETO Team, we Wuhan citizens, we Chinese people are together to fight this virus, which overwhelmed me very much. And our government will lift lockdown on Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, on April 8, after more than two months lockdown in Wuhan.

Under the economy slows cause of COVID-19 outbreak, you may wonder why they choose us when we just start to resume? Here you can feel free to explore the buying journey case below to learn how we’ve helped our customers cope with problems and grow their business.

FLSP shheet tube cutting machine

First, long term reliable pre-sales and after-sales service is needed.

“Comfort your customer: quality, trust. Acquiring trust and offering high quality product are the key points to success”, Said Jigang Peng, a sales manager on EETO domestic business department.
During the past more than one year, Mr.Peng followed them with offering decent, kind service to help them from acknowledging the professional fiber laser knowledge to doing some maintenance such as check, adjust specifications . Even during the COVID 19, on early March, Mr.Peng went to Yunnan province China, the place where customer’s workshop located. He immediately visited the workshop, worried about their health and business, offering them some tech support such how to clear the machine., etc.

Second, make customized solution according to their requirements.

Their business offers cutting stainless steel sheet and tube for their local customers in the metal working market. While their competitors start to adopt the laser cutter with fiber technology, Mr.Peng recommends buy EETO fiber laser cutting machine FLSP6015 with bed size 6mx1.5m, laser power 3300W and FLS series with siz 4mX1.5, laser power 2000Wto cope with the increasing competition.

FLSP series Featured with:
Both cutting sheet&pipe in one machine.
User-oriented design, sheets and pipes loaded easily and quickly.
Stable machine body with excellent processing technology to avoid deformation in long term.

FLS series featured with:
One of the most heavy duty structure machine body over 3tons in the market, which is robust stable, long lasting.
Open type, more flexible placed in different spaces.

Just as what we insist and promise: We know that small difference makes differences. Keeping a promise and focusing on details is our mission. We strive to offer you affordable and reliable production, pre-sales, delivery, and after-sales service to show that there are also some excellent Chinese manufacturer too. Here you can read EETO Laser’s Commitment to You, Our Customers, During COVID-19

We look forward to helping you with overtaking current and futures problems.
Thank you and all of your trust.