EETO Laser’s Commitment to You, Our Customers, During COVID-19

Author    |    eetolaser_admin    |    March 28, 2020

This is a scary time for everybody. We at EETO Laser are concerned about you, our customers – both the health of your employees and your business. We are making a number of changes to better serve you during this period of disruption and are committed to work together with you to get through this crisis.

Like many other companies in China, EETO international sales department team members are working from home, and other employees such production team are resuming in the factory. And our government will lift lockdown on Wuhan, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, on April 8, after more than two months lockdown in Wuhan.

Our production service, online technical support, and sales team stand ready to remotely assist you at any time. We believe that with these measures in place, we can continue to effectively serve the needs of your business for as long as necessary until the crisis passes. We are pleased to offer the following:
We know how challenging it can be to provide technical support to your manufacturing such as knowing the installation or operation as well as your customers. To help address the challenge, We will be pleased to send you easier to understand detail user manual, online live video with the engineer at any time.

we will launch more online tech training to our distributor(Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Taiwan, etc ) with enhancing their ability about after-sales service, installation, and maintenance. Thus, more fast and professional local tech service can be offered to our end-users.

It is changing daily, so we will do our best to respond to the changes and update you accordingly. Please be safe, and we’ll continue to look for ways that we can to help you remain productive across your product development, manufacturing, and service operations.