EETO Laser-Planning and preparation for coronavirus prevention and control

Author    |    eetolaser_admin    |    March 24, 2020

I’m just so happy that the worst has passed. As domestic Coronavirus outbreak slows and gradually controlled, our factory is gradually resuming operation under measures taken strictly to prevent and protect us from Coronavirus.

We are going to take some methods to help our each customer as much as possible, such as online video training, more detail user manual.

Sure, wearing masks, frequently washing hands and keeping a safe distance from each other is the essential. We have made the planning and preparation for novel coronavirus prevention and control to protect our health, take significant social responsibilities, and maintain the necessary normal operation, according to the relevant government control requirements and the actual situation of the company.

notice for wearing mask in factory

Every aspect are being taken by different groups.Here are some of measures as below:
1. For coordination: responsible for the communication, coordination and notification to employees, customers, governments, media, suppliers and other related parties.

2. For material security : responsible for the planning, procurement, distribution and reserve of daily and emergency materials.

3. Group for Personnel information: plans including information statistics, temperature measurement, inside and outside personnel registration and health declaration., etc.

4.For Isolation and prevention :for on-site emergency response actions, such as on-site emergency treatment of fever personnel, confirmed personnel, suspected / confirmed cases, close contact investigation, and medical arrangements.

5.On-site disinfection: disinfection of fever / diagnostic / suspected personnel’s activity area and contact items.

Dear friends, we will do our best to produce your equipment and we believe that the shipments will be made soon.