CNC Laser Cutting machine HIGHLIGHT

Robust Stable, Long Lasting Machine

The steel welded structure bed with ultra-strong keel beam guarantees the stability of the operation.
After 10 years of operation. Put a full cup of water on the machine body when operation, the water will not spill out!
The rail guide and gantry are made of 60mm thick solid plate undergoing milling and annealing.
FLX Series full cover type dual working Pallet
FLX Series full cover type dual working Pallet

Always Safeguard Your Investment

  • Multiple security protections

    Voltage stabilizer, chiller, A/C for long term safe operation (eg. laser attenuation reduction, surface condensation prevention, all electricity safety).

  • European standard electrical cabinet

    Aviation plug, derived from military industry, to ensure stable and continuous fool-type interface. All the signal cables and components are orderly distributed, easy to install and maintenance.

  • Safety precaution by focusing on details

    IGUS cable carrier, safety signs, maintenance tips/schedule list, clear line labels.

Advanced Mechanical Precision Control

Machine installation is of great importance for checking the quality of a laser cutter. Here is installation steps of our product.

Sheet Category CS, SS, mild steel, brass, aluminum, etc.
Processing Area 3000x1500mm Customer size available
Fiber Laser Power 500W-3000W
Max. Acceleration 1.0G
Max Traveling Speed 100 m/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm/m
Repositioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Total Power Consumption 10.9KVA~22.0KVA
Power Supply 380V 50Hz/ 380V 60HZ/ 220V 60HZ
Total Weight Over 4.0T
Dimension 4640*2360*1860mm
FLX Series full cover type dual working Pallet

The FLS series fiber cuts a wide range of sheet metal thicknesses (1-25mm).

Exchange table DESIGN for option

Exchange Working Table closed Type
Bochu Fuscut 2000 CNC Controller – China
Motor Speed Reducer – France
IPG Laser Source – Germany
Friendness Industrial PC – Germany
Elegant long touch screen >> intelligent man-machine interaction,HD LED screen, embedded simple touch design, waterproof, anti-fouling,explosion-proof
Auto focus cutting head (Standard on 2kw models and above)

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