Investment Returns

Machine fits perfectly in limited space.
High-efficiency high quality laser cutting sheet&pipe.
Providing completely industry resources.

Client Information

Location: Durban, South Africa
Customer: Ali Khan, CEO
Business type: Furniture fabrication factory
Main products: Modern metal furniture parts


We have co-operated very well with Ali Khan for more than 3 years. And now he needs a laser machine that meets their both sheet and pipe cutting business growth. Also, the fiber laser power should be higher and stable.


The following expectations from the machine:
  • Both cutting sheet and pipe (mostly carbon steel, stainless steel).
  • High cutting efficiency and performance.
  • More great fiber laser power.
  • The machinery could be placed correctly in our factory because of space limited, the pipe length only ups to 6meters.

Their Questions & Concerns

  • How long it will take for production?
  • Fiber laser brand selection, which one?
  • What is your training and installation service time?

Installation & Training

The EETO Solution

1.Model: EETO-FLSP3015-2000W. One machine with two functions.
2.Sheet plate cutting size: 3000*1500mm, single table (fits perfectly in the limited space).
3.Pipe cutting length: 3 meter.
4.Fiber laser power: IPG 2000W, the most stable fiber laser worldwide.

Investment Returns

  • The machine fits perfectly in limited space.
  • Laser cutting machine allows the product designer to be more efficient and produce designs faster.
  • Product designer can design faster because the advantage of laser cutting
  • User friendly. All of customers can handle the machine within 7 days of training.
  • ustomer satisfaction. Providing completely industry resources, for example, 3d printer, air presser, powder spraying equipment, computer., etc.

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