FPC Series Professional Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

  • Italy EtherCAT motion power ensures ensures high precise cutting.
  • Pipe or tube cutting category: square/round/rectangular/oval metal pipes.
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Advantages of Fiber laser cutting

Advantages of Fiber laser cutting

Superior performance on metal materials

  • Boost in cutting speed when cutting thin material (eg. 1mm in thickness, a fiber laser can cut 3 times faster than that of a traditional laser).
  • Stunning cutting performance (high precision, narrow cutting seam,smooth cutting surface, etc).
  • Typically suitable for thin and thick metal materials by different power.
Advantages of Fiber laser cutting

Less investment and more returns

  • High electro-optic conversion efficiency(25%-40%), low power consumption.
  • No routine laser maintenance needed, low maintenance cost.
  • Fiber laser generator lifetime 100,000+ hrs of continual running.
  • Rigid machine body structure, 10+ years lifespan.
Advantages of Fiber laser cutting

 User friendly, convenient operation

  • Suitable for feature processing all kinds of workpiece graphics,easily arranged, modified, giving the best material utilization and the fast cutting speeds.
Advantages of Fiber laser cutting

Safety and environmental friendly

  • Auxiliary cutting gas(N2, O2), minimal pollution, low noise, protection design, electricity safety.

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