EETO-FLX3015 6000W IPG CNC metal sheet cutting machine

Author    |    eetolaser_admin    |    October 13, 2020

Fiber Laser cutting machine is an industrial equipment that uses a laser source to cut materials. It’s designed to cut a wide array of metal materials with high accuracy and speed. Due to rising competition among the industrial manufacturing companies, it has become essential for the manufacturers to adopt advanced material processing methods that can enable faster and more accurate operation.

Further, laser technology offers high accuracy and speed for various industrial processes as compared to the conventional processing methods such as waterjet, plasma and flame cutting. Moreover, laser cutting is a non-contact process and hence delivers clean and damage free cutting processes. This is another prominent factor increasing penetration of laser technology across different manufacturing processes. This has led to immense adoption of fiber Laser cutting machine in material cutting over the period of time.
That’s why there are lots of laser cutting machine manufacturer all over the world. And how to choose high quality equipment and trusted suppliers becomes more and more important. Please scan below information and figure out your own answer.


Laser Cutting Machine FLX Highlight
  1. Significantly reduce standby time(only 10s). Pallet exchange system makes it easy for fast bounld, saving production time greatly.
  2. Auto-focus laser cut head quickly adjusts the focus to the most appropriate position, the piercing time for thick metal can be reduced greatly (by 2~3 times).
  3. Max traveling speed is as high as 120m/min, max acceleration 1.2g, IPG/Raycus fiber laser.
  4. Full enclosure design, with pneumatic front door and safety lock button design can reduce laser radiation, prevent mechanical damage.
  5. Voltage stabilizer, chiller, A/C guarantee a long term long- term safe operation (eg. laser attenuation reduction, surface condensation prevention, electricity safety).
  6. Aviation plug, derived from military industry, to ensure stable and continuous fool-type interface. All the signal cables and components are orderly distributed.
Product Name
6000W IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  (High speed)
Red and White
Cutting Area
3000*1500mm, with exchange table
8600*2800*2000mm (1*40HQ)
Total weight
9.5 Tons
Bearing Weight
1500 kgs
X.Y Axis Drive system
Rack and Pinion
Z Axis Drive System
Ball screw
Maximum Travel Speed
150 m/min
Maximum Acceleration Speed
Position Accuracy
±0.02 mm
Repeatability Accuracy
Max Cutting Thickness (CS)
Max Cutting Thickness (SS)
Max Cutting Thickness (Alu)
8mm (no recommend for mass production)
Processing Materials
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, etc. (The high reflective material is not suit for volume production.)
Application Industrial
Advertising, Home appliance, Sheet Metal Processing, Crafts, Elevator Manufacturing, Kitchenware, Hardware, Instrumentation, Packaging Industrial, etc.
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Why do you choose EETO’s laser cutting machine?
1. Excellent Laser Beam Quality: Fiber laser has smaller focus diameter, high work efficiency and high cutting quality.
2. High Cutting Speed: Cutting speed is more than 24m/min, almost 2~3 times more than same laser power Co2 laser cutting machine.
3. High Stability: Using the best import fiber laser generator, and all critical components’ lifetime up to 100,000 hours.
4. Save Cost: Low electric power consumption, it is only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machine; Save gas, fiber laser cutting machine has unique air cutting technology, low gas consumption.
5. High Efficiency Of Photoelectric Conversion: Compare with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine have 3 times photoelectric conversion efficiency.
6. Easy Operation: Fiber line transmission, no adjustment of optical path and suitable for flexible manufacturing requirements.
7.Low Maintenance: Fiber optical transmission no need reflect lens and xenon lamps, save a lot of maintenance cost.